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freakin’ fun!

continued…..Sister Shauna lives not far from the happiest place in the world. But I have to say……Sha’s comes in right there at the top. Jordan even voiced this fact to us while there. The cousins just don’t get to see each other, not even kind of enough. There is just a genuine love for each other. I think there is something about cousins because we kind of all raise our kids in the same fashion they just become fast friends, JUST LIKE THAT even with all the distance between them!

Shauna and family, they have many come and go thru their home and they know how to love on you the minute you walk into that door. I felt like I was in a 5 star hotel. I get to our room and there is a huge basket of amazing yummies, magazine, drinks, and Justin even added a cigar for Jim, HELLO, this spoke, ” I love Justin!” Anyway, we came driving into the driveway and they are sitting outside in the rocker chair outside their door waiting for our arrival. It’s the small things, don’t you know…..

This was our first experience to this amazing fast food, had to take a picture, doesn’t everybody when they go here? We went here with instruction on how to order right before we hit the Vaughan household.


Sat down with sister while her kids all chimed in to make an amazing salmon feast. It was AMAZING!


This is the bunch…..playing Frisbee football together, look at them all!


Took a day to play at the beach after dropping some off to go to school. We got to be apart of their morning chapel before school. What an experience, the honor this school gives to others is like no other. What an incredible place to be able to educate your children, whoa!


These two, it was a happy time to do some ‘catching up’. They even went out on a little date to eat big fat hamburgers and movie. She is not only sweet but the most amazing baker in the planet, I have much to learn from her.


Are those some satisfied faces?




She just does the California girl thing so well, it just fits her.


These two…..those four…..we went to Santa Monica, OH MY GOSH, I am in LOVE! The guys were so great, they even let us run around to all the stores, one to another, then the other and on and on……Aughghghghg!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FUN! Did I mention we left the kids at home?


Sunset was just sooooooooo……well, just look at it…..


My year…..yes, Justin, you see that? THAT ME!


A fantastic dinner to end the night.


Ok, little sister, thank you for sharing your home, thank you for sharing your kids, thank you for sharing your world, thank you for praying together as family, thank you for every single bit of our visit. You are a movie star family to us. You and Justin are instilling  amazing  things into your kids lives and it shows in every single one of them, they are all  unique and loving in their own incredible way.  Thank you for  our time together.  I know each one of us felt the LOVE!


Please Lord, please don’t allow the miles between us distance us, I dropped tears on the way out, cuz I just want to see all when I want to see all, like tomorrow if I wish.

Thank you sweet Jesus for the memories of a life time.




Going back a few months ago, I had made a decision that I didn’t want to buy gifts but to take Christmas money and make an event happen. So, this what the kids found under the Christmas tree. At the time it might have been a bummer because there was no presents but I think now that we have been they would all say that it was worth the wait and worth not opening up a Christmas gift.

They had to unscramble these letters…..


I planned February the week after they finished wrestling, they had worked so hard and it was a well deserved break to relax (the way they prefer to relax going hard, ride after ride) no restrictions on the eating, and doing something they have never got to do before like go on an airplane!

I love this picture they just look so little and sweet here. It makes my heart bounce out of my chest!


Our first ride, isn’t this also the cutest? It’s like you can see the innocence in all of us. SO DANG CUTE!


One thing I so loved that I don’t remember is all the characters are out visiting ALL THE TIME, we caught a few, probably our fav’s.


This so cracks me up on so many levels.


The whole fam (minus Layton, he felt he just didn’t want to miss work, we missed him but honor him for being responsible to his responsibilities, we still missed him, wah)


Jim loved the cars area, we made him watch the movie when we got back. He loved the music, going back in time, the cars, he loved it.


Our favorite! Over and over…..That is all of us on the bottom row, me and over to Jim, the boys are veterans at this point so they have to put on their own show.


I LOVE THIS PICTURE, I LOVE THIS PICTURE! This is a picture of satisfaction right here. He is looking at me with those blue eyes, when I am mad at him I will get this picture out to remind me. I LOVE THIS PICTURE!


Also, a day a knot’s. They loved the craziness of these rides. But I love Charlie Brown so it was a win, win.


Snoopy is as cool as he is in the show.


Just a relaxin’ for a few minutes…..


Look at my boys! I am so the most blessed woman on the planet.


That wasn’t the end, I will share the finality and the best part soon. I tell you, vacation just brings out the playful, it brings out things in myself and the others that one just doesn’t see on a daily basis. Our gratitude child, Jordan, gave more hugs with thank you’s, I can’t even count. We really feel blessed to have been able to pull this together with our time and money.

To be continued………….



Another season down!

I have a million and one pictures and am not here to bore anybody but I can’t help it. So here goes……..It’s been a fantastic season. The boys worked so hard with everything. I’m not sure ALL would agree with me but this is the hardest sport out there. Wrestlers are training off the mat by watching their protein and vegetable intake, to on the mat practicing and competing. There is not ONE person they can look to for the outcome of a match but themselves. It teaches self control, it teaches sportsmanship and as our coach tells them over and over, “WE WRESTLE TO MAKE OURSELVES BETTER PEOPLE” Lots of tears and lots of smiles all in a day of a tournament.


Corvan leaning into to get this guy to the ground.


An over time moment, Coach Ben pumpin’ him up!



Workin’ it


I love this move! What do I do when I get excited? I can’t help myself, all I do is yell out there name, “CORVAN!!!!” I’m sure this helps.


Oh Jor, dad will console you.


It’s a win!


Jordan, Jordan YOU can do it!




This is pretty much what their dad looks like when one of his kids are on the mat.


This is his dad preparing him for the match coming up.


Sometimes coach sees we need a little talkin’ to after a match. It’s always to straighten something out that happened on that mat that coach knows could have gone better.


This here is an opponent that Corvan determines to fix one of these days. (I say…..JUST PULL HIS HAIR!!!) Not nice, I know!


This is brother who made a point to be at pretty much every match for the boys this year. He is one of their biggest fans and cheerleaders.


Of course friendship in between makes things just that much sweeter.


Friendship doesn’t just stop with our kids but I love this woman like a sister. We knew it from the moment we said hi to one another.


These two made it to the end. Right along with their……


MOMMA’S! This woman has as many boys as I do, and we both agree, we wouldn’t change the ‘boy’ thing for the world.


Sometimes I think they do this ‘adjusting’ thing to their head gear so they can LISTEN better!



THIS here got me a little emotional. Last year for Corvan in this league. This was leagues, the finalist of the season.


See Corvan in the middle there being team captain, warming them all up.


YES! Corvan placed…..4th in the league at 86 pounds. Proud of him!



On to bigger and better things. But this has been quite the ride, really proud of this leader, this competitor, this boy who knows how make a move, I love watching him, I love watching him be the BOSS on that mat. Can’t wait to see what the future holds on your behalf when it comes to the mat.


My heart………





breaking up is hard to do!

It’s now been almost 2 weeks, my biggest boy moved out and is an independent home owner of his own home now. All of these NEW things with each little phase of life, it just seems I’ve been doing alot of sighing and telling myself to breathe the past couple of weeks. Trying to not call when I know the roads are icy and feeling like he needs a Momma’s warning of this (I failed)  Trying to not text when getting out of the shower because when I was in there all I could think about, “does he have shampoo?” (I failed) Of course, is he going hungry, is he drinking enough water, is he lonely, is he, is he, is he, is he……ughhhhhh! As my sister always says, “we raise them to leave the nest not stay in the nest!” YESSSSSS!!!!!!! OKKKKKKK!!!!!!

Anyway, the week Layton was making his exit out of our home it was a tough week. Layton was being a super big brat, right out snotty to his mom, I kept it all in perspective by telling myself, “we are just cutting the cord here, don’t take it personal!” The evening he had his room packed up and heading out of the door he came in and said he was spending his first night in his house I told him we were proud of him and that I loved him and let’s just say we had a bit of a moment. I saw him out the door and dropped ALOT of tears the rest of the night. Jim kept saying, “we knew it was coming…” I KNOW, just let me have a moment, and then texted mom and the sisters for a little sympathy my way.

The next day, we got a trailer full of stuff we had to help fill some space in his home. Jim got in the truck and started heading the wrong direction from Layton’s house. I said, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING, You are going the wrong direction?” Jim said to text Layton we would be 45 minutes later and that we would bring him some dinner. Jim drove us to Fred Meyer after seeing a sale on for recliners, we got Layton one and grabbed some deli food for him and went to deliver it. Jim is always thinking in this way and it so blessed my heart once again.

Ok, this is where it gets good and again SO BLESSED MY HEART!!!!!!!! THIS IS WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE AT LAYTON’S DOOR………..request of Layton as we were walking in the door. It made me giggle a little. We also went to check out his closet, everything was perfectly organized in his closet, it was right out beautiful. Hmmmmm…….so if you ever are thinking you sound like a broken record at home, “do this, do that, put this away” maybe it is sinking in, possibly.


And, this is his smiley face after opening that big box up.


I am proud of this kid for working so hard to get to this point.  I pray that Layton keeps growing into the man that Jesus intended for him to be. I will try  not to show outwardly what is swimming around in my head NONSTOP and not be THAT mother.

It’s all cool, I’m chill, as they would say. (sweat beads pouring off of my forehead)

Anyway…… more milestone………

January 22, 2016 - 8:13 am

Brandee - Congratulations to Layton! He really is so young to be a homeowner, which says so much (all good) about him and his parents. I love that his daddy bought him a recliner; you got a good one and have raised / are raising three more. xo

January 22, 2016 - 8:23 am

Roni - Oh I am crying for you. I have so been there! How can we be so proud and so sad at the same time?

love is an action word

broken glass I went to a church service last night, I love Saturday night service. It was a great time of worship and hearing the word and then we came out to the car afterwards to find that the passenger window to the van had been broke and someone had taken off with my purse. I know I should not have left the purse in the car, I do know this, I picked up my bible put a bag on top of my purse so you couldn’t out right see it and well, it just wasn’t enough obviously. Glass was everywhere and it, of course, shook me and the kids up a bit. I went in to the church to let someone know what had happened so that they could be aware of it. Then we took off with glass everywhere, and sitting in a 28 degree car because we had no window. I stopped just on my way out and called Jim. He said, “call the police”, that we did, then went home to work on canceling this and that.

In the middle of the night of course I am thinking about all that I will be missing forever and ever that I really cherished. Besides the inconvenience of not having the hard earned money I had made that week in the salon that was in my purse to deposit, and the chaos of canceling credit cards, and no drivers license, also sentimental things such a a ‘coach’ billfold that was given to me by a sweet friend. I would NEVER buy one for myself so it always made me feel a little above when I pulled that baby out. Also, I had always kept a little note on a piece of scratch paper that Jim had wrote to me on his first trip to visit me when we were first dating. Why I kept it? I don’t know, it just made me happy sometimes. I also carried around the calculator that the number 9 had to be touched just right to work but I have had that probably since I was in 8th grade. And……I loved my purse, I got a great deal on it and I just LOVED it. WAH!!!!!

But, even bigger than all of this? I think what bothered me the most, was probably the care that was taken to NOT  handle a need by someone who should have taken a few more action steps to show that it ‘mattered’ that I was sitting in church and got my car broken into and purse stolen of the parking lot I was attending church at.

When I went into the church I was trying to not cry, I was a bit shaken, I went in to primarily let someone know because there was glass everywhere and I was hoping this wouldn’t happen to someone else if they knew about it. I walked in and couldn’t really find anyone that was security like (big church) so as a person was done laughing and talking to one of our pastors I came up to him and asked him if there was security around that I could possibly speak to. He kind of hummed a bit, asked what the problem was, and I told him my car got broke into in the parking lot. He said, “Oh awesome, awesome” I responded with, “Did you just respond to what I told you with the word awesome?” He looked at me and proceeded to the door to see where the car was, it was super close to the entrance of the church so he peaked out and said he would like to know where it was at, he spotted it after I pointed to where it was at. He said this does happen, and asked me if I needed anything. I said, “well, I’m a bit concerned about driving over all that glass and my tire getting sliced, and other than a REALLY cold 28 degree night with no window and 20 minute ride home I guess no.” He said, “Oh ok, thanks for letting me know, what is your name?” “Marlece Lasher” and then he repeated my name back to me and I left.

If I had the chance I might say to this gentleman,

I am a capable woman, I am an adult who can take care of things, but I possibly could have been a single mom with 3 babies in the car even though my youngest is 9 along with 3 older brothers. I think that what I would like to have seen when I walked in the door of the church and came to you  with a need instead of, I guess, putting a positive spin on it with “awesome, awesome”  you might have directed me to someone who had a broom so that I may clean up the mess or perhaps even find that broom yourself and help me with the mess. Then suggest and help me call 911 to report that my purse was stolen when my car was vandalized when broken into. Maybe coming to the car with me  and look to see that it was going to be a very cold ride home and offer up a piece of plastic and some tape so we could keep the air from freezing me and the kids on the ride home. Possibly make sure, since I had no money on me that I had enough gas in the car to get myself home (that would have been over the top thoughtful though) And then end it with a bit of reassurance that you would work on maybe getting some stronger security out in the parking lots because you would hate for this to happen to anybody else. Maybe a call, maybe not. Action instead of words is much more effective in showing love and making a person feel cared for. I’m a big girl and I have already gotten past this moment, but this would be some advice you might want to take when  the next person approaches you with a need. I know you were interrupted from your social time and you were in need with all of that too, I get it. As I got into the car with my boys, we prayed, and then I told them that if a person is in need actions are always bigger than words.

That’s all…….

January 10, 2016 - 6:19 pm

lamberton - me and woof would of helped. Hope all is well/cant believe someone could do that, at a church,,wow

January 10, 2016 - 8:44 pm

Brandee - Oh my lands. I am so sorry that happened to you. All of it.

January 11, 2016 - 4:42 pm

Jody Collins - I think you SHOULD send that thought to the pastor….and maybe pray about finding a different place to connect with.
But send the letter anyway. Wow.

January 13, 2016 - 7:54 am

Valerie - So true Marlece. Thank you for sharing. We all could use a lesson in living compassionately. Love in action is usually very practical, but the since gestures go alot farther than well wishing.