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meeting my nephew

This is my beautiful nephew, Ryker.


We all fell head over heals in love with him instantly. All the boys couldn’t get enough either. He’s just such a sweet baby!


Amanda is so good to me. She let me kiss, lick, hold, as much as I pleased. She tells me Chad does this as well, so he is way use to it. In fact, he probably was feeling right at home and hopefully not missing his dad quite so much. (This is how I justified it anyway)


Mana, this is what we call her around here. She is the Momma I always knew she would be. Calming, affectionate, dotting, protective, I could go on and  on…..She loved on my kids many hours while babysitting for me. The kids LOVE her so much too!


Jordan begged me to take this picture, ha!


Thank you for sharing Mana, he is a gem! Precious love right from our Lord Jesus Christ!


July 28, 2014 - 1:30 pm

Brandee - What a honey of a dumpling.

July 28, 2014 - 3:55 pm

Jenay - He is precious!!!!! I’m so glad Mana got to come and share her bundle of joy.

The storm brings life!

We went on a 10 mile hike this past weekend. The boys were excited because the past couple we have done were long but easy……this one……not so much. They changed the name of the trail to ‘death trap’. Up and down, switch backs, it was a killer, ha!


I think the Lord really showed me something  along the way. Mile after mile. I thought I would share  with you my encounter. The whole hike was gorgeous, it got to where there were times when you were heading up hill what seemed forever and then you would start to hear the rushing river and in anticipation waiting to see the beauty and water flowing on by.


A well deserved break.


Of course I have to put this in there too. Watching Jim whiddle away on this tree thinking, “oh how cute, how romantic” until I saw it! Ha! It gave us something to laugh about the rest the grueling way to the top.


Love them, I just do!


So, back to what I learned…….this fascinated me. As we were beating down the miles, it was gorgeous, so green, so lush, the whole way. Then we began to get into steep ground and as we were climbing it began to look much darker and we realized at some point, Jim was guessing about 10 years ago, there was a major lightening storm that caught the forest on fire. It was a little eerie.



But we also noticed that the strong trees that didn’t get the burn were holding the burned trees up and keeping them standing.

Then again we would come upon, the water, so strong and it just took over. It had an authoritative feel to it. The beauty was unmeasurable. It was something the forest counted on when it had been thru such destruction going thru the fire.



So here is the beauty of it all. As we were walking back I was realizing the beauty that was coming out of the fire.  The flowers, I began picking a little of each thing I saw, the boys started helping me put my bouquet together. It was breathtaking. At the bottom we took a picture of the vibrant beauty that came out of the fire, the storm.


Then I realized, as we got out of the ‘fire’ the flowers were no longer to be found. It was still beautiful, but pretty mundane, no new real life, green foliage, lush and thick but no other colors. It was super apparent and noticeable, it was like there was a line, storm, no storm.

The Lord showed me this is spiritually what happens to us in our life as well. We are going along, growing but a little on the boring side (smile) no real change, surviving but the same.

All along the way there is the Living Water giving life, feeding, watering, never ending flow. Always willing to be apart of me and who I am. I am always anticipating the next time I get to be apart of ‘seeing’ the Water, there is an anticipation there that I always thirst for, I need it!

Then, the storm comes along and there is a time (possible 10 years) of ugly, of just trying to survive what I had just been thru. There are family, friends, who got missed when the fire was sweeping thru but they chose to stay and hold up the one that was hurting, so they may have a chance to show life again, keep me on my feet.

All along……even at the very end of the journey and as we were traveling back there was still the rushing waters ready to fill me once again.

So, I think I learned that instead of resenting the fire that has or is going on in my life I need to realize the Living Water only brings beauty out of ashes and sometimes it is painful and ugly but in the end the new life coming from it makes it all worth it.

Because honestly? A little fire may be worth it so that I don’t stay stagnant and look the same time after time. I want to keep growing and show new things out of my life.

It makes me appreciate a little more the hard things that I go thru, and it assures me that Jesus is always there to feed me whatever state I am in.


Oh, and Happy 4th, thank you all who fight so that we may have the freedom to love Jesus outwardly and freely.

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July 7, 2014 - 10:00 pm

Jenay - I loved this. Such a good visual of Gods work in our lives…beauty from ashes.

July 8, 2014 - 12:04 pm

Jennifer Ferguson - Marlece – I love your space here! The pictures of the hike are beautiful and I love what the Lord showed you. There have been so many storms and changes – I really resonated with the burned trees and the flowers among them. There is so much beauty to be found, especially in the community that surrounds us.

July 28, 2014 - 9:15 am

Alecia Simersky - How true! Thank you so much for sharing your revelations from your “death trap” hike. The fire gets so hot when we go through those trials doesn’t it? But we come out refined and better than ever. Maybe it’s age, but I’m thanking God more and more for those trials that I didn’t think I was going to make it through.

That verse in Isaiah I think? Came to mind as I was reading about the burnt trees, the one about the tree by the water growing deep roots and not being burned by the fire blazing around it. I LOVE that image!

July 28, 2014 - 1:35 pm

Brandee Shafer - Wow, Marlece, there was a message in here just for me! I have one of these burnt forests in my past. Check this out:

Dad’s Day!

Today we honor our Father’s.

I’m grateful to my Father in heaven for giving to me the earthly father that I have today.  The kids got together and I had them work together on filling out a questionnaire about their Poppa! Enjoy Poppa, I did with lots of laughter behind it. I think they know their Poppa pretty dang well.



Then, the father of my children. Today is a day to relax and I’m about to put out a feast with food that you love to eat!


Hope your day is how you please.


June 15, 2014 - 6:06 pm

Brandee - Ok, the “shut our mouths” answer cracked my can UP. Your dad and I may be the same person? ;)

June 16, 2014 - 5:40 am

Jenay - Omg. This is so cute. I loved it. The honesty of kids….they know Papa well. Fun idea Esh.

School is over, oysters, and I’m an aunt AGAIN!

What has been happening around here? We have been doing a little of this and that so here goes…..

Layton turned 19 years old. Really proud of him, he’s growing up and I am enjoying him so much.


The boys have been whirling around on their dirt bikes. Layton hasn’t rode for a good long time and I think it was putting a smile on his face for sure.


All of them, look at Jordan, you can’t see his smile but you see it in his eyes. He was so happy!


Mike came over for the night and brought to us fresh oysters. Ok, in the beginning not a fan, but Mike cooked them up for me, charred them basically, dipped it in butter and ok, I think I am a fan. The kids ate them faster than he could get them off of the fire.



and then…..this is a picture of the boys coming out of the play house the last day of school. They have been sleeping in here almost every night since beginning of April. I love it, this makes Jim smile that the play house that he built 19 years ago for Layton is still getting ALOT of use.


Um, this did not make him happy first thing in the morning. Can’t catch a break at any time with a mother such as this! I was so excited though, it is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!


AND, then we have a new baby Bowen. Meet Shawnie Grace, she is beautiful. So happy for Lashae, Chaney, and sister Maubry. I love being an auntie!


Is she a fatty fatty two by four already or what? So sweet!

June 13, 2014 - 9:16 am

Jenay - Happy boys. Happy Mama. Happy auntie. HAPPY. HAPPY HAPPY. :) LOVE IT ALL love ya’ll.

June 13, 2014 - 1:49 pm

Brandee - With you on the oysters. I’ll eat them long as they’re cooked. Really like them fried.

You’re the coolest mom ever to let the boys sleep in the play house on all their school nights!

Cute, cute baby. Chubby babies are cutest.

sweet, sweet….

Jordan’s best buddy at school, in his same 2nd grade classroom, they have fun together. The only thing is, whenever they celebrate a birthday in a class or a holiday of some sort he has to go sit out in the pod and read because he isn’t allowed to participate. It bothers Jordan, knowing he is sitting in the classroom with a big piece of cake and his friend is not.

A couple of weeks ago Jordan came home with a sticky note with a web address on it that his buddy told him to look up and read. Jordan came right over to the computer to find out who the Jehovah Witnesses were.

We had a big long talk and then he wanted to give him a sticky note back. It said, John 3:16. He told him to look that up on the computer.

SO, this now has been a couple of weeks and we were headed to Jordan’s 2nd grade evening picnic. Jordan mentioned that his buddy wouldn’t be there for the fun. I said, “awe that is too bad Jor, I’m sorry.” He told me he knew why but that it was a secret. I let it go but Corvan could NOT! So, it ended up that Jordan made Corvan to NEVER tell another soul the secret to why his buddy was not able to go this night. He did not want to break his buddy’s confidence in him.

He told Corvan, with big tears that his buddy was scared because he was getting confirmed tonight as a Jehovah Witness and he had a four minute speech to say in front of lots of people. (He asked me then, what is ‘confirm’)

I asked Jordan why this made him sad? He said that he didn’t like that his friend was scared and that he wouldn’t be there to play with him at the picnic.

I asked him if he wanted to pray for his friend, his answer with a big fat YES!

He said, “Jesus, please be with ____________ tonight so that he isn’t scared. Please show him the truth of who you are and be his friend. Amen”

I thought that was perfect, don’t you?

We  can begin witnessing at any age, Jordan has it down already, he talks to him as an equal, loves him like a friend, and PRAYS for him.

Jesus, He’s incharge of the rest and Jordan trusts this.


May 27, 2014 - 8:53 pm

Brandee - You’re a great mama to look at their friendship from this angle and to have faith in Jordan’s witness. So many parents (and grown-ups in general) operate out of fear: what if so-and-so has a negative influence upon my child…or me? Love is bigger. Jesus is bigger, and He was happy to sit with folks who were different than He. I’m so glad we’re friends. love, love, love

May 27, 2014 - 8:56 pm

Jenay - This is so sweet and perfect. We can all learn from Jordan.