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    This is where my heart my table feeding people. Not only does cooking bring out the artsy in me again for I love to try new things, it also gives me pleasure to have many at my table. The Lord blessed me with a table that has been passed down from many generations and I know that many have sat at it before my time to fellowship together. I want to continue that heritage in my home. The Lord gave me the gifting of hospitality and I have a huge desire to please Him in this area. So enjoy a recipe or two when you go to "At my table"

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A trip to see Jim

Jim has been working out of town for several months now. It is about a 4 1/2 hour drive to get to him. Right now they are on a huge time crunch with deadlines so he has not been able to come home. We went to go see him. It was very much needed for the boys especially. When he is gone so much I can really start seeing when the boys are needing their dad. It is something I can’t fulfill, it doesn’t take much. Even just the way they tease or get instruction, I can’t do it that matters the way that their  dad can.

I am so grateful for Jim’s work right now, always so grateful, but also grateful when he can be apart of what the boys are doing too. This time the boys got a ‘on the job’ experience with their dad. I was sitting back, maybe a little bored by the whole thing until I saw how the boys lit up hearing about DIRT and machines, and how this was created and that destroyed, they were fascinated.

Big, bad bucket!





This just might have been the Christmas card this year if Layton was there don’t you think?


Then, we also went to the beach to play a bit. The boys were swinging this kelp like a bull whip and we also used them to jump rope with, ha!

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September 18, 2015 - 5:36 pm

Brandee Shafer - It must be so hard to have your Jim so far away. My Jim lost his job at the end of July and hasn’t yet found a new one. Yesterday, he got a “no” on a job that would’ve been two hours away. I was a little relieved; I know I’m not as strong as you are. Thinking of you. Too bad it takes money to put food on the table, let alone make the world go ’round.

September 18, 2015 - 8:44 pm

Csrl Samuels - Love it!!

Run like a dog Roob, Roob!

Today, was a day we have been anticipating. It was a like a milestone that we were all so excited to accomplish. It has been almost 4 months since the accident.  Ruby knew today was here when she saw Jordan and I walking out the door with our running gear on. Her ears perked up and she raced to the car, ready to get in!

It was a run to support our Humane Society, and we believe it was a well worth cause. Ruby saw those other dogs, and she thought, “there are more out there that do this than just me?” A 5K, and here we go!!

Before shot!


Look at her taking the lead!!! Dang I love this dog!


Jordan FLEW out of the gate!! We didn’t see him until we finished. He got a time of 7:17 per minute, he finished over all in 26th place out of 474 people. He was the youngest runner out there. LOVE THIS BOY!!!! His feet, are they touching the ground?


Almost there!


Lots of commotion right here, fire trucks other dogs, coming close to the end. Ruby was a little concerned, but kept running.


Look at his determination! I am in LOVE!!!! Ughghghghg!!!!


Ruby is asking where her medal is……



I am all choked up……..


Thank you Lord for her healing, thank you for a son who enjoys running as I do, thank you for this day, I am over the top grateful today.


August 22, 2015 - 3:47 pm

Janice C. Johnson - Bravo, Bravo!! Those are perfectly wonderful pictures. Jordan is a rocket, isn’t he? Ruby’s recovery chokes me up, too. SO glad you all have each other.

Her happy place!

This is my mother inlaw, my boy’s have always called her Bona. Layton started the tradition when he was just tiny.

This is where Bona lights up, where she is happy. Her garden, I always tell people, is as big as my house! People ask, “why don’t you have a garden?” Because I am blessed enough to not have to do a garden, Bona feeds us well. All year round, when it comes to the winter we get canned goods. She does it because she loves it, she is a giver, and we are blessed!

Here, she is on a mission to throw as much at me as she can before I say, “WE CAN’T EAT ALL OF THIS BEFORE IT GOES BAD!!!”


Telling me, “I need this!”


Digging potatoes.


beans, beans!!


Corvan helping to find MORE! Jim said when he was a kid, every night he had to weed a row or two, or three,  before he got to do anything else.


We are blessed by her green thumb and so is much of her home town. Thank you Bona for sharing with us ‘your happy place’ always.


Definitely our spot this summer!

Summer, it always brings out adventure, barbecuing, yummy salads, lots of outside work, not interested in inside work. It always brings me to a place of enjoying my boys by playing with them. We also work together alot as well. This is one of our summer favorites. We back packed into this spot, not very far, a mile into the camp spot.

So dang cute!


Corvan is so good at starting the fire.


Brayden and friend Steven climbing to the top to ‘stay away from the bears’, just kidding, this was the big joke when we were there whenever I would ask, “why are you doing that?”


Steven taking a little snooze, doesn’t this look comfortable?


Corv, he is so much like me, he’s ready to go to bed early and up bright and early.


Ok, off to a little hike, although, we had swim suits because there were too many high rocks to jump off into the water.


We were also being very naughty……I know, where we camped we could take her but everyone wanted to swim on this trail, was it fair to the one who loves to swim too, or to go on trails? I know, I KNOW, we are naughty, she is spoiled, and, and……


I think she just saw the sign and she is looking at me with, “PLEASE, don’t read this mom, come on!”




That river water is soooooo cold to a child who has zero fat content.


Corvan taking the plunge!


“Thanks for ignoring that sign.”


And no matter what on our way home we always have to stop at the rock.


Grateful for these days, grateful for this time, grateful for these blessings!



August 15, 2015 - 4:13 pm

Janice C. Johnson - Marlece, I SO wish I could have come with you! You have a great way of journaling your experiences that makes me feel like I was right there. Beautiful photography, too.
Oh, and I’ll NEVER tell how naughty you all were….

horsin’ around this summer

We have gone on a couple of really fun rides this summer. It really is my happy place. Every time I am on that trail I feel giddy.

This kid, he is such a good rider. In ways I wish I was more like him. I always feel, just like a mother, that I need to be in CONTROL all of the time. There are times when Jordan lets Whenn lead the way, it freaks me out when I see them heading off the trail to I don’t know where, thinking, thinking, there is going to be a wreck. But once he decides that he is ready to be the one leading them he shows great authority, always very relaxed. (I’m sitting over there sweating!)




Jordan is usually the one in the lead, but who cares today!


It was a 2 1/2 hour ride, the boys did some sweating and now relaxing for a bit.


Jordan is tying to share his chip, Whenn isn’t so sure…..


Then he decided he would try it! He was crunching the chip, he liked the sound, cracked us up!


Love him!


FUN day!


Make my heart sing!


Another ride, dusty boots, and a happy girl, that I am!


August 7, 2015 - 4:53 pm

Brandee - Wish I’d been with you guys…