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Corvan turns 14

We did some celebrating of Corvan’s life this last week. He turned fourteen years old. I can hardly wrap my brain around it. He will be a freshman next year, blows my mind. I am going to live each day, day to day, and not look to what is ahead and just enjoy.

The thing is with Corvan, he has been thru some things in his little world that I always seem to get the after picture all the while he is making wise decisions and I am completely unaware most of the time until I put two and two together. I would say those prayers that I pray, God has his hand on him. The school that Corvan goes to is a bit on the rough side along with a few good teachers but in my opinion most of them I have had encounters with and I am not a confrontational person. I’m the mother, for the most part, that if something comes my way I automatically make my kid guilty before proven innocent. Until I find they really are innocent and then I go to battle for them.

I always tell my kids, “no matter what, I am on your side” and then when I drop them off from school I pray that whatever is going on that it comes to the light and that God would provide a hedge of protection around them, that what goes in the ears or whatever they see needs to be heard or saw and that which needs to be shielded, SHIELD and PROTECT!!! Our kids go thru so much in a day, we have no idea the moral, ethical, decision making they have to go thru every single day. The stuff that comes at them boggles my mind.

Corv, he deals with it like a champ. THis year, he saw stuff coming his way that he didn’t want to be apart of and has just chosen to go another way. It kind of baffled me at times, almost with a inquisitive not getting it lack of understanding. For example, he has created a group of new friendships that I’m so proud of him for making.  He makes these silent decisions and I just PRAY that he will continue to make right choices.  

I want to get better at trusting God with him and know that God is guiding him in truth and love way better than I can ever do. I am so grateful for it all.

We spent the evening of his birthday with family at the bowling rink. Bowling is always fun entertainment, isn’t it?

He looks 14 in this picture, well at least above 4.

Cousin ‘Mana’  and Chad joined us. Let’s just say, they love her like the star that she is.

Then we went to the bike park for more fun, spring break just didn’t quite finish up the fun.

This was intentional, Oh Brayden.

Corv getting his game on.

I am one blessed Momma to get to raise this boy. He always surprises me by teaching me something new about him or that I didn’t even realize was in him. Dang, I just love him!

I pray the next year of his world impacts me the way that it has and that I find myself in awe of the Lord’s goodness just one more time.

Spring break shenanigans

This spring break has been full, full of building muscle from all the leaf picking up we have been doing. After some blood, lots of sweat, and even some tears we finally got it done! Then the big wind storm hit that next day, we all just looked outside as it was blowing and turned away. We’ll just ignore all the limbs for a while.

The boys and I took a night and went to Portland where they could ride in an indoor bike bike. And ride, ride they did,  they stopped long enough to sit down and eat for a couple of minutes and they were back at it. Close to seven hours of riding. They really had a great time. It was so much fun watching them have a blast, they were so grateful after and exhausted too.



food with sweaty heads

This makes my heart sing when my boys spend time together doing things they enjoy.

Brayden worked and then we just got home from a day of orientation at a possible college. Asking the Lord’s will and hand on all decisions that are to be made. We will see……

Layton, he rode the whole desert 100 on his own this year. Layton claims it was one of the hardest things he’s ever accomplished. Pictures to come, really proud of him.

April 8, 2017 - 5:51 pm

Cheryl barrett - Awe what good times

SURPRISE,Jordan is 11!

This boy of mine……how is it that the Lord sees fit to give the best gifts when you didn’t even ask for them? 

Jordan was my surprise baby, and I will never receive a better one than this one right here. 

Jordan, he has such strong insight beyond his years that SURPRISES me all of the time.

Jordan is my grateful kid, he very rarely asks for anything and it makes me want to give him everything.

His eleventh birthday was fun. We invited all his best buds to eat Jordan’s pick of the meal that included sloppy Joe’s with mac and cheese with pop. Yum-O (ew!) 

Then what do 11 year olds do for their birthday? We go to SKATELAND!!!!! Does that bring back ‘ole memories from the pass all of you who are (cough) skaters from your years pass? It was a scream, they were troopers, maybe a few bruised behinds but they got the hang of it being the athletes that they are and were racing around the track.

The pictures are blurry because I couldn’t stop laughing!!! A little shaky hand going on there.

Next morning a little biscuits and gravy.

Then…..his real birthday! All my boys and I sat down for all of Jor’s favorite things. Homemade meat balls, mashed potatoes and gravy, shrimp, asparagus, and pop. This was monumental we rarely get to sit down for a meal all together anymore. This made my heart happy.

And four layer tort…….with a ‘Happy birthday’ song to go with it.

How I love this boy, thank you Jesus for this SURPRISE!!!!!



March 1, 2017 - 7:33 pm

Janice C. Johnson - Happy birthday to your Jordan. Your family is so much fun!

April 8, 2017 - 5:51 pm

Cheryl barrett - Great memories

Senior 2017

We got together to get some pictures FINALLY! I think the only reason…..there was snow, incentive, whatever it took. We will take a few more this spring.



There you have it, I think I will go lock myself in my room now so no one knows that I am crying. I really have NOT dealt with this whole situation at all. I have played the denial card and have been happy to live in this spot. 



SNOW we LOVE snow!!!!!!!!!

I will take snow over rain ANY day! A few pictures of my favorite creatures in the snow.

Good evening kiddoes!


Good Morning Kiddoes!

Mom, I’m not too sure about this…….

How I love this face.

Here is another one………

Goofie boy!

So much going on in our little lives and so much going on in this world. This really is a season that I feel like bursting with joy over how I feel about these kids, feeding and caring for these horses, chickens, or my tri-podded pup, people that God has assigned us to take care of for a time, . And then, also in the bigger things of this world it all seems so doom and despair but really the Lord has marched right back in and placed his hand upon this land. Can I tell you, as much as I keep it to myself I am so grateful to our God who was. and is. and will always be in charge and when we PRAY together He moves. It’s really a beautiful thing. The super bowl yesterday was a blast, watching it with all my boys and then some, so much fun! When I get down or overwhelmed I remember these things……….and then……….remember again………