Happy Harvest Day!

Anybody who know me very well knows that I dread this day coming. I am not a “Happy Halloween” kind of girl……..I think when I learned what it is really about I know that Satan is loving this day and so it is hard for me to get motivated to ‘get into it’. Satan’s pleasure is not mine.
When my Sis, Tanz lived near I could always escape the day and spend it with her and our kids. One time we took her whole kitchen and placed news paper on the ground and went to town on decorating pumpkins, Rick was in the middle of it, but he was baking cookies for us to eat, I miss the escape beings she dosen’t live near by anymore.

I have no place to escape anymore, so I have decided I needed to mellow out a little bit, and even as I watched my kids go door to door for the first time and see their excitement of it all, it did put a smile on my face as I was stuffing it with a Reese’s peanut butter cup that I had stolen from Corvan’s bag. I was also looking back as we were walking down that street with TONES of friends from Brayden’s football team, and remembering walking thru Dobbin Acres when I was a kid. I really didn’t like halloween so much as a kid either, I could do without the dressing up an all of that, but I liked going door to door with my family and friends. I liked the candy, but I am always the one who wants to ‘save the best for last’ so by the time I had gotten all the not so great candy ate then the other was old and gross and ended up throwing it out. So, I have learned a lesson there for sure, just go for it right NOW!
We did have a great time and as the norm I waited way too late to think of costumes and they are still wearing the only two outfits I have ever bought for Halloween in which I did years ago when having a harvest party when Layton (who wore the army suit) and Brayden (who was a cowboy) the same ages as my babies are now. We just keep recycling, but hey, don’t they still look the cutest ever? Brayden, was an easy one………..a hobo!
So, despite what the true meaning of this holiday is, I give Glory to God for all that He is and more on a day such as this.
November 4, 2009 - 2:47 am

Jenay - very darling!!!

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