moving forward, and grateful……….

Today is one of those days at home. It feels good! Brayden is off at a friend’s home, Layton and Jim left this morning to hunt for an overnighter. Layton got drawn for a special permit with his bow. I am glad that Jim took his son and am in hopes it will be good for them. I also pray for their safety for there is LOTS of snow where they are going. So far my day has consisted of getting the boys off very early this morn, putting on ‘Tom and Jerry’ for the kids to watch, on the treadmill for 45 minutes while watching Paula Dean make her Thanksgiving dinner. It was suppose to be inspiring for that is the plan for me today to spend it in the kitchen making some yummy food for thanksgiving. So, to get started I fixed the kids breakfast and then made a couple of pumpkin bread loaves, in the oven they went. Took the kiddoes outside with me to clean stalls, feed horses, brush them down a bit, feed the chickens, gather very few eggs ( I don’t think they like the rain either), feed the dogs and cats. Back to the kitchen I go………..

So, as I am apple peeling, coring, slicing the apples I put in some worship music, listened to a little Joyce and then James. Then, as I started the crust for some pies I got to thinking how thankful I am for the life I lead. I do love this time in the year to remember those things that I am so grateful towards my Lord about. I have four amazing kids, a husband, mom and dad, sisters, and friends whom I love so dearly. I think the biggest thing the Lord has showed me this year is that I need to keep moving forward with Him in what He has for me. I need to keep seeking and growing in Him. I pray this over my kiddoes, that there is enough in me that spills over and affects them in a way that they will never deny who their Savior is. I pray the Holy Spirit will move on me so that I am praying over my kids what I should be praying over them,I pray that I am that ‘help meet’ that He designed me to be, yet fail at miserably so often. I need to keep moving forward with my walk so that I may produce fruit to those around me.Walking the walk with Jesus is not always easy. He didn’t promise easy, He promised He will never leave me nor forsake me. I am grateful, I am blessed!

I need to get myself back into that kitchen. I smell that bread and that apple pie. I wish grandma was still with us, I might just call her and tell her that her crust turned out great, not always the case for me, today was a good crust making day. She would be proud.

November 22, 2009 - 1:56 am

Shauna - She would be proud of the pie crusts but I can not help but think of her, at the feet of Jesus, more excited about you wanting to serve Christ no matter what!

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