A night at the movies!

Yesterday Jim and I finished up our Christmas shopping, went and had a nice lunch, came home. We Picked the boys up, took two of them to Bona’s house to play for a couple of hours while Layton, Brayden, Jim and I headed off to our FIRST adult movie at the theatre together. It was so much fun to sit there with them eating popcorn and hearing my boy’s laughing and enjoying the movie. We saw ‘Blind Side’. Great movie, great message……I am looking forward to another date with not just my biggest boy but my other two as well.

December 22, 2009 - 5:08 pm

Shauna - I am so glad you all saw that very awesome movie!! 🙂

December 22, 2009 - 10:03 pm

Jenay - That is so cool. Wasn’t that a great movie. Did Jim enjoy?? Good job, way to make it a special day!

December 28, 2009 - 4:30 am

Gina - Ha! I found you!! I love your blog too!! And it’s only fair that I am able to now see what you’ve been up to. I miss you! Aaaaannywho… I LOVED this movie. Cried throughout the entire thing!! I want to see it again. You’re doing an awesome job, My blogging friend. Now, when we don’t talk for a while, I will just stalk you online. 😉 Love ya!

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