my monkey’s………

So, this is what I woke up to this morning when being greeted by my Corvan……I had to stop for just a moment and remind myself, “yes, you did birth humans not monkeys!” Sometimes, I think that when the Lord was ‘planning’ my life out he definitely wanted to keep me in the learning stage and to always be on my toes, keep me always laughing. I sat there this morning pondering about how it is that I am a mom of four monkeys, oh, I mean four boys! I was raised in a household of girls so this is where the learning streak comes in. I was involved with all kinds of sports but what the boys do and play. I have learned a lot about sports. I don’t think I watched a football game before boys, or dirt bike racing, before boys, or even wrestling for that matter, before boys!
It seems that I am always going from one child to the next just to keep them on track. Even my mom, who was visiting here while we were at fair. She took on the little one’s along with Cousin Luke and commented to me, “I understand now, that while we are on the phone together why you are in constant state of directing, moving, chasing, and yelling to get them to FOCUS on their duty at hand!” She got a taste of getting to do that instead of me while I was not here. She said, “it was a job to keep them focused on getting them out the door!” I said, “I KNOW!!!!!!!” She, being a mom of all girls, was not use to it.
Oh, and these little monkey’s, ESPECIALLY right now with all of them being in wrestling are in constant movement, entangled on the floor. It is CONSTANT! They can’t walk by one another without throwing each other to the ground. Oh, the food they consume……I am so glad that I enjoy being in the kitchen, the Lord knew my desire was to cook for a man who appreciated it, now I have five of them! Thank you Lord for this blessing~ha!
How about the conversation that they love to have ALLLLL the time, if I let them? Most of the time it is about bodily functions. Mainly the noise they can make with their body. Jim is no help in this department. He is usually the instigator. I have taught them to not discuss, talk, make noises at the table or so many feet within me, but I have learned if it is in the other room I just need to adjust and walk away with fingers in ears. Again, I remember having this conversation with Jim, I told him, I don’t even think my dad has ever even farted, so why does he and the boys think it is so funny? He said, “Marlece, I have been with your dad at deer camp, HE FARTS!” ok, ok, so I then decided to lay off…….this is obviously a guy thing……
So, I say all of this to say, I do love my monkey’s. And, really, being greeted from the bathroom first thing in the morning with a smile like this, even if he is hanging off the door post, is truely a joy!

January 8, 2010 - 10:15 pm

Shauna - OK – I have said that to Justin too – that Dad never farted – Justin said – oh yes he has, I have heard it! haha – What the heck?

I totally think God has put your gift of cooking and feeding to good use!! 🙂

January 8, 2010 - 11:55 pm

marlece - that cracks me up Sha!

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