happy birthday #3

Happy birthday Tawnya! If I know what your day looks like today it looks like this; anything, but everything, but Tawnya, perhaps? The joys of being a mother. Our biggest gift as a mother is getting to be a mother for the day and celebrating every moment of having to get up early, nurse, eat 1/2 piece of toast and a cup of cold coffee because there is always something bigger at hand than your stomach or your sleep. Right? That’s just starting the day off….but, I know you. I feel the Lord only grants twins to those that can handle it because I am not sure we would all be cut out to do that. He was right when granting you twins. You have always been one of the hardest working people I know. It showed when I visited you with those new babes. You handled it slick as a whistle. You became my hero the way you mothered those babes and the demands that they have ALL AT ONCE! Well sister, hats off to you extra today! I hope your day is filled with babies being on their schedule, sleeping thru the night (I know, don’t laugh), and maybe a door bell ringing with your chinese food at your pleasure. And then a fortune cookie, that says something like, “happy birthday Momma!” Have a fantastic day sister……….

January 12, 2010 - 3:24 am

Jenay - That is very sweet Marlece and very true of Tawnya. Hard working girl. Hope she had a fabulous day. Nice tribute.

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