To Honor Grandma Great

This day will be Grandma Great’s 89th birthday, but she will be joining Jesus and friends to celebrate with her. She went home to see him shortly after her (as she called it, double eight birthday)
I miss my grandma. She was a grandma thru and thru. She cooked amazingly, she sewed amazingly, and she loved Jesus amazingly! I think the thing I miss the most about grandma is that she got me. I would say something ‘off the wall’ or not, and she always laughed and then she would get me going and then we couldn’t stop. I got to thinking last night, about how not very long ago I went to cut her hair and fix her, as we called it, piglet (wig). Jenay and I went to see her, I cut her hair, and started in on fixing the piglet and decided it needed a few curls in the front. Forgetting that it was synthetic and melted to the touch of heat, I put in a curl and completely fried it. Oh, and it didn’t fry in the back or on the side but right in the front. So, grandma and I began to turn it so that it wouldn’t show. I voiced that mom was going to KILL me. We got to laughing and could not stop. That was a fun moment.
One of my favorite moments forever that I will remember is at thanksgiving as we are all in the kitchen either preparing or cleaning up, it never failed that whenever I was trying to be funny grandma always laughed. She always got my humor. I miss that!Grandma has crocheted everyone of my babies blanket that will be kept sacred forever.
She loved Jesus, and even right until the end when she wasn’t feeling very happy if she heard the Word or was being prayed for she calmed down and a peace came over her. She knew her Lord well. Grandma is in heaven spending it with Jesus this year.
Happy Birthday Grandma!
January 14, 2010 - 6:20 pm

Leanne - Sweet tribute, Marlece…thinking about you today.

January 15, 2010 - 4:23 am

Jenay - Marlece,

That is precious!! Brought back some fond memories. I forget that stuff, until I read it and you have a way of bringing it right back, just the way it happened. You have a gift girl. Grandma did get you and she was so excepting of all our funny quirks and never judges, just enjoyed everybodies differences. Loved that.


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