All NEW…….

Who is riding that dirt bike? Yes, that would be my 3 year old. As Layton and I were tackling the leaves, one more time, we heard some hoopin’ and a hollerin’ and ran over to see Jordan riding the dirt bike. He was so PROUD of himself. Brayden was running next to him along with the others to make sure he remembered what was brake and what was gas. They got quite a work out. Jordan stopped and told me very LOUD, “GO GET YOUR CAMERA SO YOU CAN PUT THIS ON YOUR BLOG!” So, that is what we are doing.

This was a big moment for Corvan!He lost his very first tooth. It was a moment for sure. He has been yanking and pulling on this thing for weeks and it finally gave in. I asked him if I could just check it out ,(wink, wink) with a little bit of pressure, there it was in Momma’s hand. It was a very exciting moment for sure.

February 2, 2010 - 2:14 am

Gina - Oh. My. So cute!!! He understands your blogging? And wants to be blogged about no less?? I use my blog as a threat when my kids act up, “I’m gonna write about this on my blog if you….” Ha!
Those boys are just too awesome! Congratulations Corvan. & Jordan too! (Nice Bike!)

February 2, 2010 - 6:32 pm

Shauna - Love it! That is so sad in a way – it is like a first step in your house – your baby is on 2 wheels and a motor – off he goes *sniffle sniffle*! 🙂

February 2, 2010 - 10:14 pm

tawnya - Oh my gosh. This makes Aunti T sad and happy at the same time. I am so sad that I have missed out on Jordan. Happy to see him so proud of himself. Thank goodness for these computers or we really would miss out. I can only imagine how you felt. Proud and sad too at the same time. Guess its time to get another bun in the oven (Jim won’t care). Sha and I did our part for the year of 2009. Now its time for you and Jenay…..:)

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