25 things about me……..

I read my friend’s post, she named 25 things about herself and as I read them it was real no surprise, most of it. It was fun to read, then I thought, “could I name 25 things about me?” I could name 25 things fairly quick about my kids and husband but me, hmmmm……so, I am going to give it a try Leanne, here goes:

1. I am an early bird, favorite time of the day is early in the morn.

2. I love french fries and ice tea.(the ice tea came from my mother even though she hated us drinking out of her cup.)

3. I gag at even the smell of pineapple, but to eat it, I might die. (unless it’s undercover like in
Leanne’s carrot cake)

4. I love to do hair and work in my salon….I am blessed!

5. One of my biggest pet peeve’s is when you see all the kids running together in a pack and the little one is behind trying his best to keep up, makes me CRAZY!

6. I had all four babies without a drug!

7. I enjoy running with my friend the ipod listening to my bff Beth, Momma Joyce, or perhaps, ‘ole James E

8. I love to read cookbooks and cook.

9. I love biblegateway.com

10. My favorite holiday is thanksgiving……family and food, can’t beat that!

11. I love the scent of vanilla.

12. I love the sun, I love to work outside in the sun, I love to play in the sun, I have to take heavy doses of vitamin D3 to keep my body happy, because I NEED sun! (Amy, with sunscreen on of course)

13. I love to ride horses.

14. I have a hard time eating at a restaurant with a buffet……ugh, germs.

15. I think it’s rude when the cook says, “food is on, time to eat,” and people linger, and take their time to get to the table. She wants you to eat it hot, she took the time……NOW EAT! ha!

16. I don’t like coffee………I know I am weird living where I live and don’t like coffee, something wrong their, don’t you think?

17. my favorite bible verse is Psalm 37:4 Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart.

18. I love being a boy mom. If I had another, I would want it to be a boy! (I’m not, I’m not)

19. I think I have a man who has the best hands in the world. His back rubs are to DIE for. I would say you should try it, but take my word for it, I am a lucky girl.

20. I think the biggest thing I tell my kids the most is, “there is life or death in the tongue” and before they leave for school each day I say, “who is the only one that loves you more than me?” and they say, “JESUS!” (Layton hates this at this point……..but I will probably say it even up until he is 40 or has a wife that doesn’t appreciate it so much.)

21. I love my sister’s!

22. I love good quality, unique clothes!

23. I don’t like beating around the bush, if you have something to say, SAY IT!

24. I hate swimming in cold water. I love to water ski or swim for that matter, but HATE freezing to death. I wish all pools were jacuzzi water tempertures.

25. I LOVE to be an encourager, to be there for someone who is hurting or to laugh with, to get before our Lord on someone else’s behalf, to give a hug and kiss when needed…..it makes ME happy!

I made the 25, with lots of breaks to think inbetween. So, try the challenge……it was fun!

February 7, 2010 - 5:55 am

Leanne - You are great at all these, my friend. Wanna show your greatness at #4 with me sooooon???

February 9, 2010 - 2:17 am

Jenay - I love this…I knew them all actually, but until you sit and read them spelled out you don’t think about it. Love it…I want to do it too…so I’ll e-mail you my 25!!!

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