the things they say……..

Do you ever go back to that first child and remember how you reacted over a certain scenerio and then you go to the (in my case) the fourth one down the line and same sort of scenerio but reaction completely different? That is where I was with Jordan yesterday
Jordan and I went to the grocery store, got home, then Corvan gets home. I hear Jordan asking Corvan in a very soft voice, “do you want some gum?” Momma’s ears across the house perk right up and I think to myself, “gum? Uh, we didn’t get gum today.” So, I yell, “Jordan, mom needs to see you!” Jordan comes and I say, “what do you have in your pocket?” He says, “GUM!” “Jordan, where did you get that gum?” “At Fred Meyer,” “Jordan, you didn’t pay for that gum.” “NOPE!” Jordan, that is stealing and we DO NOT steal.” “Yah, but it is so good!” (at this point I realize he ain’t getting it, so I think, I need to use a little drama to this) “Jordan, you are going to have to take this back to the store, pay for it, and give it back, and tell Fred Meyer you are sorry for taking it, on top of that you will have to tell your dad when he gets home.” “Oh….” (wasn’t sinking in, I need to use a little more) “Jordan, I don’t know what they will do with you when we take this back. They may have to call the police man and tell them what you did.” He begins to pat me on the shoulder and saying, “I love you mom, I love you mom. (Ok, a little bit of a reaction….) “I love you too Jordan, but this is very naughty,we will discuss this later!”
So, before bed, him and his father have a discussion about this, Jordan comes to me and whispers in my ear, “will I have to go to jail?” I just shrugged my shoulders as if I didn’t know.
This morning as he was his little bouncy self, the thought entered in his head of what he was about to do today and in mid-bounce he was kissing me all over and telling me how much he loved me. I told him that was great but we were still headed to Freddy’s. As we were headed out the door I combed his hair really quick and under my breath but out loud said, “I need to get this hair combed, I don’t want you going in looking like a little rag bag.”
On the way there, he looks at me in the mirror so that I could see him in the eye, and he says, “look at me mom, do I still look cute?” “Yes Jordan, but your cuteness may not get you very far today.”
The Fred Meyer manager handled it very well. Made it out to be very serious but kind. Jordan told him he was sorry and confessed that he stole it which meant he did not pay for it as he was digging way down into his pocket to pay for it. And then we still didn’t get it back. That was the bummer about stealing too, you pay and yet still don’t get it. Consequences are tough! As we were walking away he said, ‘I did not like that, but glad he didn’t call the police!” I told him if he ever did it again they would. (BIG EYES)
Ok, so all of this to go back to when Layton did something similiar and my reaction then to what it is today. When this happened with Layton I nearly had a come apart. I cried, went into my room, gave myself a good ass whippin’ for being such a lousy parent, so angry with Layton I could hardly contain myself…….fast forward to Jordan……I have to contain myself to not laugh.Even though, I know Layton was as cute as Jordan, my reaction was completely different. Jordan is so cute, and watching him go thru this was so tough but soooooo dang cute. Every step I had to pull myself together and ACT so serious when I just wanted to laugh my head off. Isn’t that bad? But then, I know that as I am here now compared to how I was then, you savor each thing a little more, find humor in a little more, and enjoy their reactions a little more, everything becomes a little more, precious……
I think he was a little strung out because when we go home, this is what he looked like…….

February 12, 2010 - 9:13 pm

Jenay - I hear you loud and clear my sister. I can’t stop laughing long enough to spank Reece when he needs it!!! I’ve even asked others to do it for me…nobody will. I used to spank Lashae and Kole about everyday, the only thing they had to do was look sideways and I was on them like glue!

Love your sister,


February 18, 2010 - 2:41 pm

Tawnya - HUGE difference in raising Seth and the babies. Way more relaxed and hard to take EVERYTHING so seriously. Sounds like you handled it perfectly. You got your point across. I am sure Jordan will not ever look at gum the same:)

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