breaks my heart……

So, yesterday, Jordan and I had to make a trip to Costco. Extra busy, what is it, is it because it is Friday or what? Anyhow, we finished up and headed for the line. All lines were really busy so we parked ourselves in one and waited like the rest. In the line next to us there was this tall elderly gentleman by himself with a cart full of food. It was his turn to place his stuff on the belt. He was weak and very shaky, it was effort to pick items out of the cart and get them to the belt. Shoot, isn’t everything you buy in Costco heavy as it is? I think just because it is so much bulk items. As he was placing things on the belt he is realizing he is holding up the line and he was explaining out loud, “I am sorry, everyone moves faster than me these days.” The more nervous he got the shakier he became. Oh, and then on top of all of this the checkers are loudly trying to get his attention by asking him, “DO YOU HAVE YOUR CARD?” I was accessing this and looked at the big muscular mid-aged man, with, in other lines two younger guys staring at this gentleman as if annoyed, as if bored by his struggle. I couldn’t take it anymore! I told Jordan to stay put in the cart and went over and told the gentleman to get his card and I would love to get his items out of his cart for him. I did, and he was sooooo GRATEFUL! On my way back to my cart I wanted to do some sort of karate chop or ninja move and scream at the people behind him who looked at him like he wasn’t even there.
On the way home, I was going over this scenerio in my head again. You know, Costco is one of those places that is just exhausting for the average Joe. To go thru Costco, then to get in car, and then to get home and put away… is a chore! I tried to give the gentleman right behind him, along with the other two men, the benefit of the doubt by thinking, well, maybe they didn’t want to hurt the elderly man’s ego by giving him a hand. I guess that is possible. I also thought if it was my grandmother, for Jenay reminded me, she use to go to Costco now and again, even in her frail state. If someone ignored her like that when she could use some assistance, augh, it makes me cry thinking about it. You know, it took me a minute to help this gentleman myself. I was accessing the situation, and started feeling the nervous feeling when walking up to his cart, not nervous to help him, but what are others going to think, I guess. I would be sooooo ashamed of myself if I would have been like the rest. I assure you, after today there will not be the smallest hesitation. I asked the Lord to put more of these people in my path and keep me aware and alert of these situations.
Some day, I may need help myself…..I pray someone would come to my rescue.

February 27, 2010 - 10:24 pm

Jenay - Amen Sister Amen!! This is what obedience is called. When the Holy Spirit prompts you or shows you something you ACT!!! Way to go, there’s been many times I hang back, and I just won’t anymore. Thanks for reminding me not to just watch.


February 28, 2010 - 1:44 am

Gina - OK, I am crying just reading it. I CANNOT handle it! There is a nursing home across the street from the mall, and whenever I was going to work there I would often be stuck at that light. So often I would see those poor elderly people struggle to get across the street before the ever-too-short light changed, I could see the fear on their face. It used to just kill me.
I will certainly be more aware myself. Heart of gold you have!

March 11, 2010 - 5:57 am

Laurel - So sad! Good job on stepping up to help.

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