My baby turned 4!

He is putting four fingers up. Two on one hand and two on the other, silly kid! These are kids but then aunts, uncles, neighbors, grandma’s, cousins, friends, we had a house full of 22 people.

This is Jordan’s buddy Reed. They both won the musical dancing chairs. Reed and Jordan were break dancing up a storm!


Happy Birthday Jordan! We have been waiting for this moment for months now. A couple of months ago Jordan woke up and informed me, “it’s my birthday today!” I explained that it was coming up soon. He didn’t like that idea, so he went, woke his dad up and again, “It’s my birthday today!” Jim, a little confused (but only for a minute) also explained in a couple of months.
That didn’t stop the plans to begin in his little head of EXACTLY what this day was going to look like for him. We would be in the car and just out of the blue he would come up with what the menu would look like, to the ‘dance contest he wanted to have with what songs’, to who was coming, to the dessert! I did NO planning, I just did the work to make it all happen. It was a fun time.
March 3, 2010 - 4:54 pm

Gina - Great pictures: Looks fun! So cute that he planned it. What a dancer he is… Do you think it has something to do with his name being Jordan? 😉

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