sisterly love…..

A visit from sis and cousins this last week. We had a great time. The kids and I went on a bicycle ride on the Chehalis Trail. We stopped at a river with a bank and played for a while. Jenay and I did a couple of runs together and gave each other back rubs. It seems we know where to dig since we have the same sort of Franke quirks. And, always in the kitchen doing the next meal. It was a fantastic time, way too short. Thanks for coming down, we had a blast Jenay, Charsie, Luke, and Reece.

Silly cousins, they really do love each other so much. You have to snap a picture quick when seeing these two because when they are together they are no longer seen…..

Jordan kept up really well on his ‘new’ bike.

Dinner time! Reece sitting up there like one of the big kids, he thought he was something else!
March 5, 2010 - 12:32 am

Jenay - Love the post and the pictures. The pleasure was all mine…I came there to love on you and I left there with a back rub, new hair do, an extra 10 lbs from all the good food, and refreshed because I read a book that I got you for your birthday cover to cover…ridiculous!!! Thank you and love ya tons.


March 6, 2010 - 1:26 pm

Tawnya - I am soooooo jealous. That used to be me at your house waaaaaaah. I am happy for you guys. Looks like alot of fun. Jenay’s hair looked really good. Like the color ALOT. Sounds like it was a marvelous time…..

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