where did she go?

Where did she go you are wondering? I have been trapped in finishing this series that I am LOVING!!!! If I have a second, I am hard at it again. I love Francine Rivers, and even though it is fiction, it is annointed to no end. I just called my friend Leanne and asked her if she wanted to fly down to a book signing party with our two favorite people. Beth Moore and Francine Rivers together in the same room promoting their new books. CAN’T WAIT to read their new books. But to be at that signing I would have really loved! Anyway, I am just about to come back to the real world here real quick. It is taking me soooooo long but not by choice. I have it with me wherever I go. If I have 5 minutes in the car before that bell rings at school, I park, and GO FOR IT! The other night Jim said, “ugh, the kids are in bed (8:30) and you are too?” It’s not about sleep at the moment it is about getting a minute with this book. Anyway, if you get a chance to read “The Mark of the Lion” series, I encourage you because it will knock your socks off. I think my favorite is ‘Redeeming Love,’ but lovin’ this series almost as much!

La, I will send you this last one before you head out on that LOOOOOONG flight to Uganda so you have some good reading to do on your trip.

March 24, 2010 - 9:01 pm

Shauna - Oh, oh, oh – I sooooo “get” where you have been!! The hubby and kids could have disappeared and I would have had no clue. 🙂 If you need to talk about it give me a call!

March 25, 2010 - 12:45 am

Leanne - I’m still up for a Texas Road Trip!

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