Off to the desert!

Off we go, we were the only one out of hundreds of rigs that has a horse trailer instead of bike trailer, who cares right?

Layton after accomplishing 50 miles of desert.

proud momma!

After Brayden’t race….his goggles hanging off of his visor. Way to go Pook! Waiting for big brother to finish his race.

Proud Corvan, way to go buddy!

Uh oh, sleepy head….

Layton, Brayden, and Jim ready to go on their ride.

laundry after the big weekend, crazy!Off to the Desert 100! The Desert 100 is held in Eastern, WA in the middle of nowhere in a place called Odessa. It began, with lots of packing and planning and by the time I sat my behind in the seat of that truck I was EXHAUSTED and ready for the 5 hour ride it took there just to recover. It was nice enough weather there. (it was dry, so I don’t complain) there were blue skies, very cold and extremely windy. That combination in a desert is not good when there are bikes zooming by every second. I looked like a racoon most of the time, the dust was out of control. I survived that, with my routine every night of heating up hot, hot water and washing my hands and face until sparkly clean again before laying my head on a pillow.

Jim did the 40 mile poker ride with Layton and Brayden on Saturday. While they did that the little ones and I did alot of bike riding and walking and EATING. Why is it when you are camping that you think you’re hungry ALL the time and you MUST put food in your mouth at ALL times?!! That afternoon Corvan and Brayden entered the Mini Desert Race. Brayden was rarin’ to go, Corv a little more reserved. Jim and I convinced him he would be happy to do it once he did. They started off with 150 other kids at the start line. After that, they are no where to be seen until they come thru for a punch on their card and then off into the desert they go again. They have people out there watching and helping if there is any to be done but I have to tell you….Brayden went by the first time so very exciting…..but no Corv, we waited and waited, still no Corv… comes Brayden again, so exciting and cheering and off he goes again! I was getting nervous, still no Corv, this has been 20 minutes now and still no Corv….just as I went to an official to FIND MY BABY, here he comes…….PRECIOUS!!!! It wasn’t like ‘slow and steady wins the race’, just more like ‘stable and focused’. So, off he goes again….I finally asked Jim, how long is this race anyway? We asked around and found out 1 hour and 30 minutes long before they brought them in. I nearly died, I had no idea I was sending my baby out into the desert for an hour and half without stopping. I just knew Corvan was going to KILL me after all of his reservations before the race. I just knew he would NEVER get back on a bike again. NEVER!!!! I have scarred my child, I just knew it. Oh, and then, he goes thru with the punch and off he went again. He was the last one before they shut the race down so he had a whole more round to do again. So, he was actually on that bike longer than an hour and a half. Brayden came thru, tired but strong….he did have a fall and his visor cut right in two. Corvan came at the end of the pack but had that extra punch that most kids did not have and he was sooooo proud of himself (rightfully so) and he is fine and not even mad at me. Thank goodness for that! It was so much fun to watch my babes do so well in this race.They got their trophies, a proud moment for a momma.

The next day we got up early to shove food down Layton as he was headed to encounter 1/2 of the 100 mile race! First time and a little nerved up. When I saw him headed for the starting line with 450 other bikes I was headed for the bathroom….I was a nervous wreck! I gathered my other ducklings and we prayed the Lord’s angels all over him! They begin the race in a huge line across the desert, by the time we see them go by us, there is no seeing but a big huge cloud of dust. 2 1/2 hours later here he comes zoomin’ at a very high speed…….into the FINISH LINE!!!!!!!!!!!! So exciting, I can’t even tell you! Such an accomplishment! We will find out results of the races on line here very soon, but no matter, they all did amazing!

Packed up, and off to home again to my beloved shower and utility full of dirty clothes. Was it worth it? Yes, it was. Camping is tough work, but inbetween, the playing it makes it all worth it.



April 13, 2010 - 4:33 am

tawnya - I love the pictures. You are a wonderful boy mom. Uncle Rick would be extremely proud of the CAT sweatshirts. Love them!

April 13, 2010 - 10:56 pm

Jenay - I’m so proud of my nephews!!!! I’m also proud of you; way to go for enduring such a weekend. And that laundry….well, I wish I were there to help….I could do all your laundry and you could make me dinner. We would both use our GIFTS!!!! Love ya, Jenay

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