ah, what a Saturday!

Kevin’s waving to me in the air!

Finish line………
Cheesecake Factory, yum, yum……..

At the races………

A Saturday full to the top from beginning to end! This Saturday started off with a good run and then off to gain a little more wisdom with, what it sounds like, 300,ooo plus women in our world to hear God thru Beth Moore. My neighbor, Justine and I went and spent the day doing that. It was a great time!
I had packed the car, so that when Jim and the boys met me at the church in the afternoon we could head straight up to the Supercross Races at Qwest Field. I went from looking cute and girlish to a change of clothes and looking a little sporty, and ready for the cold. We first made a stop for a little dinner to The Cheescake factory, yum, and then off we went again. I have had so many people ask me, “why is it that you go to this?” The negative for me is the cold, and I must say, I think there has been more times than not that I thought I might freeze to death and the Lord ends of up clearing those skies and it being a fabulous evening. Anyway, I think you learn to enjoy what your kids enjoy so that you may be apart and that is what I have done. I may get a little high on all of the fumes from the bikes, but I love watching my boys love this as much as I am enjoying it for myself. After awhile you begin to learn names, numbers, standings of these racers and really get into it. These boys out here, I admire, they are true athletes. 20 laps of your body being slammed and jolted around not to mention the endurance you have to withstand to finish one of these races is amazing.
See this guy in the air waving? I think he is waving a thank you my way. Yip, I do…..This is Kevin Windham. Oldest racer out there, (close to my 40 age), has been at it successfully for years. He is always so humble and of course being really cute keeps me a strong fan. Anyway, in 2008 he won this race that I went to by the hair of his chinny chin chin, it was sooooooo good! I didn’t go last year and he lost, then this year I went to cheer him on again and he won! He actually smoked ’em all. Yip, I do think that was to me as a thank you……..he could either hear my yelling or felt my vibe and decided to win. So, if I were to talk to Kev I know he would want me to be coming to all these races because of the impact I make on his racing. I just know it…….
Anyway…..great day with my biggest boys, husband, friend Justine, Beth, and Kevin. Thanks for the fabulous time!

May 3, 2010 - 3:09 am

Gina - Well the Lord knew what He was doing giving you those boys. You are doing an AMAZING job, Momma! So hard for me to relate with all my girls. I am just sad I didn’t get to hear Beth Moore. 🙁 Great pictures! Love Ya!

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