My Mom, a TRUE woman

This is my Momma and Me. I think I just want to write about some of the attributes that my Momma has that I have been blessed with all of my life. I have been over the top blessed by our Lord when He placed me in her care for many years and then now the love and friendship we share as we go thru our lives together as daughter to Momma.

My Mom…….

Isn’t she stunningly beautiful? I pray the genetics that she has passed would be this one. How many times has she been asked if she was my sister? She smiles and I roll my eyes with, “again?”

I know she is always a phone call away. If I need her she is there.

I don’t know if all Mom’s are like this, but it’s like she makes me feel like she is always on my side. I will whine about one of the girls and she will agree…..and I am sure the other sister is on the other line doing the same about me and she always validates that I am the one that is RIGHT while probably doing this on the other line, this is a gifting the Lord gave to a mother that has four daughters!This is a job, because us girls are all very opinionated and not always have the same one.

My mom enjoys the outdoors and is athletic. From walking (hiking), to riding horses, to trail riding thru the dessert on her bike, loves the water.

Oh, and this woman is pretty much sanguine 100%. Always up for a good time. I will share some time one of our Mexico trips together at one time. ( I will have to do that sooner than later, as a matter of fact)

She was here to help take care of me and this family with each new member that came. I think I want to have another one just to get what she gives when she comes. I cried each time she left.

My Mom loves the Lord and I am so grateful that she passed that on to me. She always held me to a high standard of morals. She is always telling me she prayes 10,000 angels around me. That makes me feel secure.

She loves a good story line whether that is a good book or a good movie, but it must end happy!

I love my mom’s handwriting…..

I love her chocolate silk pie, and she does a jammin’ job on taking over peanut butter divinity, this makes me so happy!

She always walks into a room looking the part. Whether that is going on a field trip with the kids (soccer mom like), too going to a party and wearing the perfect outfit with the perfect accessories, to family gathering, casual but nice, to riding a horse with her boots and cap…….she never has it wrong!

Mom loves the sunshine!

I think she makes each one of us girls feel like ‘we are the one she loves the most’.

I think, summing this all up in my head…….

MY Mom, is a true woman……

May 11, 2010 - 3:12 am

Jenay - So good so good, infact I think I will copy you, oh wait I already did…haha. Love you, you blessed my heart beyond words this week-end.


May 27, 2010 - 4:40 am

Gina - YES! She is STUNNING. Now I have hope that even as a momma of so many girls, I don’t have to look old, tired & weary before my time.

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