random thoughts on friendship….

This is my friend Gina…since I am on this friendship subject in my head today I thought I would put up a picture of a friendship that I treasure and love so dearly. We just recently went to a woman’s conference together and took a picture of the cutest ones there by far (ha!) I love ya Gina, so grateful for our friendship that is unique and rich each time I have an encounter with you. Gina and I met many years ago and then lost touch until she called me out of the blue and I think we both have an understanding now that we won’t ever let that go to the way side again, it’s just too important, too significant……
Friendship, isn’t it nice to know that Jesus is all about relationship and cares so deeply about those people who are important to us? I have been thinking today, after having several friends in my home today, how much of a treasure I have in the people that I feel the Lord has placed in my life. These people that speak to me, share with me, laugh with me, care for me, and I am able to do the same for them all in our unique little ways of which our personality has been given to each one of us. When the Lord has your heart, He strategically places friendships in your life, from my experience, to bless your socks right off of you!!! Some are seasonal, some are lifers, some are acquaintances, some are surface, some are ‘bloggie’ friendships, childhood, etc… It is not to say one is better than another but just different.
I treasure each friendship and thank the Lord for each person in my life. I am in awe as to how blessed I really am.
Some of the things I love about friendship:
sharing the Lord together
sharing the dailies of life
laughing together
understanding each other without having to really ‘say it’
playing together
reading a book together
eating together
crying together
knowing I can call and their ear is there for listening
sharing a recipe
advice about kids, husband….whatever
to hear a good story (you know who you are on this one Missie)
These are just a few of the things that stand out to me….
If you are reading this, and you are my friend,the thing about this is that if you are wondering if we are friends most likely we’re not (not to say I don’t want to become friends) but, really friendship is one of those things I nurture and make an attempt to grow in with you, so you’ll know where you and I stand, no questions…anyway, I love you dearly and thank Jesus so much for you and your insight. So hugs and kisses….lots of love, lots of love headed towards you from me…

May 27, 2010 - 4:35 am

Gina - Oh… My Beautiful Marlece. I just LOVE you. And the sweet thing is that I am sure EVERY single one of your friends reading this feel like you are THEIR Marlece. I just realized today how you make each and every one of us feel like we are your BEST friend. You are SO amazing and I just wish I could hang out with you every day. You are so right though, I will NOT ever let you go. You are the closest thing I have ever had to a sister. “Thank you” will never be enough for all that you bring to my life. I hope you know that I ALWAYS have your back, Girl! Thanks for the sweet post today… I love it! And I love that we finally have a picture together, But I am never wearing that jacket again! 😉 You are made of AWESOME!!

May 28, 2010 - 4:07 am

Jenay - I love this post. You are so right on!!! I’m double blessed because I get to be your friend and your sister! I love you to pieces and you are truly a BESTEST friend. As Gina said though…I’m sure everyone feels that.

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