fun fair memories….

Me and Carmel….
Jenay and I resting with the cows…. don’t we look excited?
Getting ready to show as dad is giving his intense pointers, I am sure!
My grandma, special friend Barb, and little sisters…you ask, “where’s your mother? They are never seen, always in the back ground PREPARING!.
Fair time is here and for the first time in YEARS we chose to bow out this year. I made a statement at the beginning of the fair week last year that we were going to take a break, ‘I’m stickin‘ to it!’ Everyone is asking, “do you miss it?” and I am a little torn by my answer. Some ways yes and some ways NO!
I don’t miss the long days at home all summer long preparing for that week of fair. They say 4-H is good for teaching responsibility to the kids, for I agree, but in other aspects it’s more like training the parents to CONSTANTLY be on your kids to TAKE CARE OF THEIR ANIMALS! The responsibility thing? I have found different ways to make them responsible this year for we have a little more time. Painting the house, painting the fence, taking fence down, there is definitely not a lack of things to be responsible for around here~ha!
I do miss the animals themselves. I miss going out first thing early in the mornings and feeding them, watching them grow, enjoying their personalities.
I don’t miss the fact our whole summer is consumed until fair week is over!
I miss fair week it’s self. It is a crazy busy week but it is nice to see the hard work the kids did in preparation being awarded. I miss the people, the commodity that comes at fair. I love the memories it leaves you with.
So, usually I get to brag on my kids for their fair week but since I am not doing it this year? I thought I would share a few pictures of OUR fair days when I was busy at it. My sis just talked on her blog about how her cow stepped on her right before she went into the ring….dented in her brand new boots, that made her upset but the fact that her toes were throbbing in those boots, dad yelling to get out in the ring, tears welling up, sucking it up, and showing with a smile. Fun memory now….not to fun at the moment~ha!
Here are a few pictures…..

August 6, 2010 - 1:55 am

Shauna - Amen to it all! Fun but a ton of work. The pics are super super awesome! Look at Barb – what a hottie and G-ma adoringly looking at ME 🙂 – lol!

Love it!

August 6, 2010 - 3:02 am

Big Fat Mama - What a neat idea to post these pictures! How fun!!

Thank you so much for the cookie recipe too. They look amazing and I can’t wait to try it out. I’ll let you know how they turn out. 🙂
Big Fat Mama

August 6, 2010 - 9:29 pm

Jenay - These pictures crack me up!!! I love it. Love it. If feels like that all went down about a week ago, and in some respects a lifetime ago. Fun memories!!!

August 10, 2010 - 12:49 am

Jasmine - I love those pictures. Marlece, you always post the neatest pictures. I am so glad you put your children to work painting and chores around the hosue – it keeps them busy and productive – very encouraging.

Listen, please email – I’m dieing to hear your good report.

All my love,


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