40’s are setting in….

Oh geez, I think that ‘forty something’ has started to really kick in. And all the 40 and up people gasp and say, “uh oh, you can’t read anymore can you?”
I was checking kids into church camp and had a roster of the kids names, etc…and for a long time I was doing the ‘ole eye squeeze’, thinking there wasn’t enough light (it was in the middle of the day outside, plenty of light), pulling the paper away from me. Then, it was taking me so long to find them, almost as if I forgot my alphabet. The kids would start to point it out to me on the paper. I would say, “OH THERE YOU ARE!” After this went on and on the YOUNG gentleman sitting next to me says, “did you forget your reading glasses?” Oh my GOSH, it dawned on me right there in front of this guy, “I am old!” I looked at him with a blank stare with a bit of an awkward silence and then said, “it just dawned on me, I can’t see anymore.” I think he felt like a creep, but I assured him it was nothing he said. I had noticed it here and there a bit before but it is official now. I think I will have to go shop for those reading glasses now. I am not whining, really I’m not, I did thank my precious Jesus this morning for my amazing eyesight, even the amazing eyesight I have at age 40.

August 13, 2010 - 2:48 pm

Jenay - I’m sorry sweet sister! That just stinks, but it is quite hilarious too. I just have to say, if I know you, you will find some cute litte glasses that are darling on you and everyone will want a pair!

August 17, 2010 - 7:30 pm

Gina - hahaha. Nothing like those little reminders to ruin a perfectly good, young-feeling day. I saw you at the camp registration and you were looking pretty hot if you ask me. Reading glasses wouldn’t hurt you a big, Girl. You will rock those things… I am sure of it!

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