Oh Pook!

Last game of the season and Brayden gets to sit on the side lines and watch. A week ago at practice Brayden rolled his ankle and now has a torn ligament and broken pinkie toe, in an air cast and crutches. It makes this Momma so sad for him…he LOVES FOOTBALL and it kills him to go to practice, watch, and then go to the game and do the same. Ugh, it’s been tough on him but he does have a good attitude and wants to participate where he can even if it means cheering his team on on the side lines. Wrestling season begins this week and that will delay this a few weeks as well.
Now, about me! I know Brayden is the hardest worker, the biggest help ever but now that this has happened to even not be able to say, “go out into the shed and get me some peaches” it is wearing both Corvan and me out. Either one of us can hardly wait until he is better. The day to days, is challenging just to get it all done without my sweet Brayden’s help. Can’t wait for him to be back to himself…..
October 26, 2010 - 1:39 am

Big Fat Mama - Oh, poor thing. Priase God for his good attitude! Marlece, you are such an amazing women. I cherish your comments and it’s fellowship with women like you that makes me love doing this blogging thing!
Big Fat Mama

October 27, 2010 - 6:48 pm

Lindsey - awww poor guy! What a bummer. I pray it heals quickly so he can begin wrestling season. God bless you and have a fabulous rest of the week 🙂

October 28, 2010 - 2:46 am

Jasmine - Poor guy. I know how hard it is. I pray he heals quickly and he stays positive. I also know how you feel, Marlece. When my kiddos are not up to par, it really slows things down around here.

Praying for you all!!!!

October 28, 2010 - 3:30 pm

Anonymous - Poor Pook! I hope he gets better very soon!
A 🙂

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