making time for relationship

Oh the trials and triumphs we face as we parent.

A feeling of total disconnection

Why? Not taking time to relate

Going down the road asking the Lord, “please help me find a way to connect!”

Communicating turns into two crying

Hashing it out

It hurts

Not taking that ‘time’ for relationship

Misunderstanding between us

Getting to the bottom of the ‘issue’

We must not look back but move forward…..let’s solve it!

Son needs to be more open

Momma uses more negative than positive to try and motivate

Only telling the things he ‘needs to be doing’ without anything in front or behind

A habit that must be broken

Again, not taking that time for relationship

Makes son shut down

Momma is frustrated

I apologize,he apologizes

I commit to every negative, I first put two positives

He commits to being more open

We hug and tell each other we love one another

A new start?

I believe so……

I am grateful for a Lord who guides me to places I don’t know I am going
I am grateful for forgiveness
I am grateful for fresh starts………

November 17, 2010 - 2:59 pm

Jenay - Amen!!! It is a constant working…relationships….communication…connecting….good job for doing the hard work and not just saying “it’s a teen thing”!!! It’s a human thing and we must all learn how to work it OUT! Love ya. You are an awesome mom.

November 17, 2010 - 6:19 pm

Jen - I second the Amen. Oh, if I didn’t have second, third,…one hundred chances to fix my mistakes. Seeking Him first instead of turning to parenting books, etc, seeking to know my children as Jesus does. Beautiful.

I’d love it if you could link up on Tuesdays with me — the ladies would love this!

November 17, 2010 - 6:49 pm

Big Fat Mama - Marlece – I was just thinking about this yesterday!! My daughter was upset about a situation at school with friends, but was having a hard time telling me exactly what it was. I started to tell her about certain hard times I had with friends at school, and she said, “that’s it!” It’s like she needed to have someone to relate to in order to figure out what exactly she was upset about. We talked about it, I prayed about it, and the situation has improved!!

I enjoyed this post!

November 18, 2010 - 1:31 am

Cheryl @ On the Old Path - Negativity… it starts as soon as they start moving, “don’t touch that, NO, don’t put that in your mouth etc. It is hard to be positive sometimes. I know Dave and I were talking about our kids and some positive behavior we saw, we were saying how we really need to praise their efforts and encourage them in it. Yet if it was negative behavior we would have already commented on it to them. It really is an exercise in being deliberate isn’t it.
I am glad for your hugs and new starts!

November 18, 2010 - 3:55 am

Crystal - Yes and yes to fresh starts!!

November 18, 2010 - 1:21 pm

Casey Martinez - Amen for fresh starts. God’s mercies are new every morning and boy do I appreciate that. All of yesterdays whatevers I can repent of with a humble heart and I can start again today. I’ve been working hard to combat my attitude lately. I didn’t realize how negative I have become out of habit when I think about my new role as stay at home mom and frustrated towards the hubs for things that I really shouldn’t be dwelling on. The Lord is doing a mighty work on my heart. Praise God for his teachings, for his patience, for his mercy. Your post was beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

November 18, 2010 - 10:34 pm

Lindsey - This is great, thanks for sharing! I can totally relate as we need fresh starts everyday even as parents. Too bad this parenting thing doesn’t come with a manual but thankfully the Bible is the ultimate parenting manual!

November 18, 2010 - 11:41 pm

Mrs. A - I can relate! I’m so glad God helps me swallow my pride and apologize and start over again.

God bless you Marlece

November 21, 2010 - 9:56 pm

Gina - My Friend, you are one of the BEST moms I know. No matter what flaws we have as parents, there is grace enough for that. Your boys adore you and you adore them. You are always so open to recognize where you are wrong, and to accept the correction… I have no doubt that your relationship with your boys will always be improving and solid as a rock!
You inspire me!! Love you!!

November 29, 2010 - 2:08 pm

Jasmine - Where are you? Thinking of you – wanting to pass by and find out how your Thanksgiving went. I hope to see pictures….

Love you,


December 8, 2010 - 12:09 am

Mama D.'s Dozen - Thanks for the transparency.

You’re a good mama, even in the tough times.

You will be BLESSED by making time for this relationship. I couldn’t have a better relationship with each and every one of my Big Boys, even though we definitely had our struggles during their teen years.


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