a much happier and productive day ahead!

Let’s see, I’m going for a run and bound and determined to GET OUT THERE. It’s rainy with a breeze, but I’m not going to let it stop me. Yesterday I had one of those days. I don’t have many of them but when I do, I DO! In talking to sister she said, “a run always helps” and she is right I know this. Yesterday? I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. Today? I am, and I’m determined!

Sometimes, the thoughts in my head get so big and overwhelming instead of being active on those thoughts I just want to crawl right down into bed, pull the covers over my head, pull my knees up to my chin and just hide from the world!

Nothing BIG has happened, nothing real pressing, just one of those days. I crawled out from under the covers and today is a new day!

Jim is still working in sunny California. After years of being on him to wear sunscreen he said he left the house with it on yesterday. He got burnt pretty bad the day before. That made me happy to know he did that. He has gotten to ride his dirt bike with a few friends thru the desert there and had a good time. He had a pretty good fall but said he’s looking forward to getting out there again so I’m not too worried about him.

This week, we have had to adjust our life a little bit different than the norm. We now have our 4-H steers. This means more time to feed the animals in the morning and evening. It also means we got 2 tons of grain to feed these two fellers. Oh my gosh is that a job! The grain people who deliver it shoot it right out of a big truck onto the floor of the barn and you have to put it into bags, containers, you name it! All of us took one whole night to do this job and it was a job! I always enjoy training and preparing for fair for this summer but it is also big responsibility, a real time commitment. So, we are in that mode now until August!

These are a couple of bags we filled along with several more and more on top of that!

Brayden and I dumping!

The boys with next door neighbor Rhee who was in on the action too.

The steers that will be eating all of that!
Tomorrow we spring forward in our time….doesn’t it seem just way too early? I was just talking to a friend how it doesn’t affect one that much unless you have that baby at home that is on a schedule. Oh boy does this mess things up in the house hold. I remember that just way to well!But, then looking forward to seeing a little more day light in our evenings for sure.

Ok, off to my run and a much more productive happy day….

March 10, 2012 - 10:31 pm

Jenay - Glad you are determined to get a move on today!!! Good job! I hate those under the cover days. We all have them. One question??? Where is farmer Layton in these grain bagging pictures? Just wonderin. 🙂

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