oh, this world I live in…..

We got a few minutes of sunshine this week and we took advantage by playing a little ball with…..well, let’s say we were trying to play ball but Ruby was back up catcher. If you dropped it you were sure to find it in Ruby’s mouth!I think the kids chased her as much as they were trying to catch that ball. It was quite comical for sure!

Jordan chasing Ruby because Rub has that darn ball AGAIN!

Rub is ready AGAIN!

There she goes!
Brayden has had this week off for spring break. I think we have had some good one on one time. I enjoy the heck out of this kid!

I’ve been babying my foot this week.I felt it start to act weird last weekend. I know the Lord cares about the little things, even as much work as I have put into running and preparing for this race so I’ve been praying he would get me thru to the finish line.

My mom got me a massage that she paid for for my birthday.Today, I cashed it in with an amazing massage. This guy got so deep, it hurt oh so good. I have never had a massage like that before. He worked on my foot. I tell you what, it was something else. Thank you MOM!

I also have been overwhelmed and humbled by a gesture from a friend who asked to be anonymous when she payed a HUGE portion of my dental bill. I am without words and alot of tears. I, know who she is because I know her so well, her heart, her gifting of being a giver, she uses it to it’s full potential. I still have yet to talk to her…as I said, the tears keep comin’ without words, I love this girl!

Must I say it again? I am one blessed girl!

April 6, 2012 - 4:02 pm

Lashae Bowen - looks like those boys had fun! And Ruby too! 🙂

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