Layton turns 17 today!

Layton’s love, just recently got back in the saddle so to speak….

Happy birthday to my biggest baby! Seventeen years old today.

 The thing about being 17, well let’s just say this past year has definitely stretched, hurt at times, and was also time of figuring out who and what Layton Lasher was all about. I think he is on a real good path of succeeding and growing in many different ways. Layton is now officially taller than I am and has way bigger feet. (is that possible?)

For Layton’s birthday he  wanted to do what he likes to do best….eat, and so I made lots of mexican dishes….sit by a fire and shootin’ the bull with friends, eating smores…..

Even though this time in Layton’s life when lots of decisions are to be made leaves Layton confused much of the time. I know that the Lord has a plan to prosper and grow Layton into the man of God that he intends him to be. As a mom? This time in life stretches me as well. Being the first child and my first, we grow together.

Layton’s cake that Bona made and decorated herself. Isn’t it nice?

Come on Layton, a little shy when we are all singin’ to ya?

Eating a little dinner!

Out at the fire, everyone is intensely working on their smores, will I ever get the two babes down after this sugar fest?

Layton’s new boots, nice huh?

June 3, 2012 - 5:54 am

Brandee Shafer - A friend of mine told me, once (after meeting the family into which I was born), that she understood me so much better based upon my family’s acceptance of one another. I’d never really thought about it, before, but it’s true: we accept and love one another as we are. I hope my husband and I can raise our children into the same kind of warm and unconditional safety. I always get that sort of feeling when I visit your blog: that you meet your children, over and over, where they are. May God continue to bless and keep your family, and Happy Birthday to Layton!

June 3, 2012 - 6:26 pm

Shauna - That was beautiful what Brandee said. 🙂 17, wow. Just kills me [in an awesome happy, crazy sad, very hopeful way] to see all my nieces and nephews bloom into adulthood. Layo is so handsome. See you next week!

June 13, 2012 - 4:06 am

Janice C Johnson - Marlece, that was SOME fire! What did you all do, burn Noah’s Ark or something? Looks like a GREAT birthday though!
PS: Our 21-year-old is stretching us, too. He’s a good guy.

June 14, 2012 - 3:11 am

Jenay - I’m not sure how I missed this post!!!
great B-day fun. Love that Nephew of mine!!! Happy Birthday Layo!!!! Love you. Auntie Nay

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