grateful heart…

This morning I go out to feed the animals, I always love this time of the day first thing in the morning. Every body is glad to see me cuz their hungry and I always like the quiet that a morning brings.

Today, I was feeling a little disheartened. The wind is blowing and I went to put my big warm work coat on with my boots because it is cold. The date is July 3rd, this is not suppose to be the case, for it is summer. I took a few minutes to get myself together and remember that I have so much to be grateful for so I choose today to remember those things….

Sent husband off to work this morning, so grateful for his job.

Kids are all still in their bed, makes for a peaceful morning for Momma.

Made a HUGE pot of soup last night to find that Layton and his friends finished it off late last night. Love that!

Made cookies yesterday and one of Layton’s friends drove in to the driveway and my little ones ran to the cookie jar yelling, “Trei LOVES your cookies!” as they run with a few in their hands each to give to him. Makes Mom feel happy!

Watching Brayden work so hard with his steer who is a real brat, shows Brayden’s work ethic.

Took Corv and Jordan to see ‘The Avenger’ yesterday. LOVED the movie, but loved watching the boys watch it even more.

And then having the privilege of praying today for Dawson as he goes into his MRI appointment….Joshua 1:9, we stand on this with Dawson.

And a few more pictures of what makes me grateful….

Bringing it all in together, we are a team!

Look at these darling faces! I love these nieces of mine.

This girl, steels my heart always!

Sister, sister…

This girl, my cousin, we get each other and we can make each other laugh…it brings me back to her Mom whom we were very best friends for many years. Brittany tells me her mom saved every letter I wrote to her mom and there is probably 300 plus. Well, I love Brittany as much, just do!


Sister Tanz, isn’t she beautiful? It was so nice to be near her, miss her!

This little guy…he wasn’t too fond of me especially after I gave him his first haircut. But of course, his madness towards me made me want to love on him even more. He cracked me up! Not a fan of Auntie Esh!

Me and the girls….

Mom….love her smiling face.

Esther, she just warms my heart…

Asked Myla to do a little ‘Top Model’, this is what she came up with, I asked her to show me OFTEN… made me fall over I was laughing so hard. I think it’s perfect don’t you?

Do you want to eat this ‘just woke up baby boy’? I do, I think I tried…

Lily, such a lady, can’t get enough of her either.


Hunter, we sat and had many very intellectual conversations, he is a smart cookie.

Sister Sha…

Dawon and Jordan exploring…

Jena, look at this hair? Is this angelic or what?

Ok, just one more time, I CAN’T take it, I just can’t stop laughing….It’s perfect, “YOU GO MYLA, TYRA HAS NOTHING ON YOU!”

Do you see all that brings a smile to this heart of mine? I’m blessed!

July 3, 2012 - 5:07 pm

Jenay - I share that grateful heart!! Oh I hear and agree with every word and every picture. The picture of me is horrid though!!! Wrinkles have taken over. Love love love love it all!!

July 4, 2012 - 3:07 am

Cooking Up Faith - Great pics again!! Your family seems so connected and I’m sure it’s the love of the Lord you all have that bonds you the most. Praying with you for your sweet nephew.

I have been looking at all I’m grateful for too, and God just doesn’t ever disappoint! He has given us SO much…Himself! We are never alone and He is always there with us.

Blessings to you, friend.

July 4, 2012 - 4:13 pm

Janice C Johnson - Marlece, if you post one more set of photos like these, I am liable to run away to your place and ask your family to adopt me! What FUN and blessings you all enjoy!

July 5, 2012 - 11:23 pm

Lashae Bowen - LOVING all the pictures!!! It was such an incredibly blessed and special time with everyone!!! OH how I wish we could do it all the time!! I love you!!!

July 6, 2012 - 3:28 pm

Tawnya - Oh my Gosh I love these pictures! Myla will forever be grateful to you that you see she is a model..:) I really like that she chose her baby brothers coat to model in. I am so glad we all got to be together! So thankful.
Love #3

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