He’s even in the small things!

I’ve got lots of little projects going right now that are so very exciting! First, did you notice the change in my blog? I am an official dot com person. Whatcha mean? My new address is http://www.sonuptilsondown.com and my blog name is ‘Son up til Son Down’. Is that fitting or what? I have had this sign in my house for years and it has always played a big meaning in my life. Whether we are talking the four of my boys or the Son of God. But my intentions are always about the SON and on top of that we all know how much Marlece actually loves the S.U.N…..or MY SONS….or the Son of God….take your pick!

My genius smart and talented friend, Gina, brought it to my attention one day and I said, “Yip, let’s do it, I LOVE IT!” She also designed, again, my new header, isn’t it, again awesome? I love that girl and her amazing giftings. And I do feel it’s confirmation to what I really think the name should be. I want to give God the glory even in the smallest of things, a title, big whoop, but God is in even this.

I also have been changing up my salon a bit. A new sign in which I will share soon and also I’ve added some of my work to my decor in the salon. I’ve had intentions of doing this for years but there is a big reason I have finally been able to do some of these things that have been swimming inside of my head for YEARS!

I have been doing some stable feeding for boarded horses of a friend for a while now. When this friend is unable to be there to do them then she asks me if I would do them for her. So, for the past year now off and on I get to help her out feeding. I love it, it’s fun! With the money that I receive for doing the chores I have intentionally placed the money in an envelope. A year or so goes by not looking inside, mainly out of fear because the money has been saved for a camera that I have had my eye on for a very long time,that when I went to look inside there was NEVER going to be enough, saving myself from tears (smile). I could never see me putting us out even a dollar with our finances to get me ‘THE CAMERA!’ I have told husband at Christmas, anniversary, my birthday, anything, “don’t buy me ANYTHING I am saving for a camera!” Right before my nieces wedding Brayden came to me and asked how much I had in my envelope. With a nervousness about me I said flippantly, “I don’t know, put it away, I don’t even want to know!” He said he would count it and I was suppose to tell him the amount I was saving and he would just quietly put it back and we would ignore it some more or in this case when I told him the amount I was needing, he said, “Mom, you are one dollar from the amount you need and I will put that in for you, (isn’t that the sweetest?)LET’S HEAD OUT AND GET THAT THING!!!!!!” And we did just that….I think I kept it in the box for a little over a week just looking at the box and telling the Lord from what I could see He was in this all the way! I mean a dollar off??? He is in the small things, He loves to give us the desires of our heart, even if, even if, it’s as small as a camera or a title of a blog!

So, that brings me back tooooo…..my salon, some great hair that I’ve had the privilege of getting to do, and a camera that will capture it.

Here is a couple of my walls, oh and did you notice me with my new toy in the mirror, clever huh?

July 24, 2012 - 2:19 am

Jenay - Love the camera…love the blog…love the pictures…hair…Lashae’s picture, and especially….the story!!! Good God stuff.

July 24, 2012 - 3:05 am

Lashae Bowen - Ditto everything Mom said!!! SO excited for you! you better be here when little Bowen is born so you can take pictures with your fancy camera 😉 love the new blog and camera and you!!!! 🙂 I wanna see your salon! And you! I love you!

July 28, 2012 - 4:43 am

Shauna - whatchya get? share share share! He loves to show Himself in big and little things!

July 30, 2012 - 9:16 pm

Casey Martinez - YEAH! I’m so happy that the Lord blessed you with this long awaited blessing. I LOVE having a nice camera (though I have gotten bad about using it now that I have an iphone). lol. I look forward to seeing your photography and why did I not know that you were a stylist after all this time?? I feel terrible that I missed that. Or maybe I didn’t and I just forgot…sigh…my brain is terrible. Love your post and love that God blessed you! You deserve that friend!

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