is it enough or the right thing??

I do my best in this little world of ours to not place judgement on those around or near me if I do not know the WHOLE story. You know the saying, “you never know what goes on behind closed doors.”

 But I do often think when I see a situation, is that what the Lord wants? Is that what His WORD says? I know His WORD is living and I also know that His ways are not always our ways. There are times when I see a situation, do I think a certain way because of the culture I live in or is it truely how God sees the situation and that is the correct way? For example, His monetary system is not the way the world works. I learned this thru experience. But I still live in this world who has to be responsible to the things of this world. Of course I have a ‘choice’ in where the money goes and how it is spent but I still have earthly responsibility. Sometimes I get confused thinking I would LOVE to do this or to do that for the Lord but I feel held back by my responsibiltiy in this home or because I don’t have enough money.This gets me no where for the things of this earth will seize and what will I have to show for when I stand one day before our Lord? Wouldn’t that be wrong too to leave behind that which the Lord has blessed me with and gave me responsibilty to? To go elsewhere because I felt His calling elsewhere when I have my hands full right here? But then on the other side of it, more than the side I get stuck on the most…. I admire and admonish and want me to be more like the the Francis Chan’s of the world. He is a doer of the WORD. He puts the WORD in to action, nothing stops him. These kind of people make me think, “they just do with faith they step out and go” These brave people don’t hide behind an excuse. I am a wanna be thru and thru but because the logic in me over the things of this world it shuts me down from being apart of the Francis Chan’s of the world.I may not understand or see how it was POSSIBLE for this or for that to happen for a person.

 This is why I try to not place judgement, God sees our heart, our motive, our desires, and He is the one who judges. These are times when I look at these amazing doer’s and I say in my head, “I pray as they are being so amazing for the Lord that they too don’t place judgement on me as it doesn’t look much like I am doing much, going or doing, when they look at me.”

  I want this world I live in to be changed some how and some way by the touch of my hand because Jesus asked me to. I want to be willing and obedient to His calling… Is it enough or the right thing? I don’t think it ever will be, we live in a pretty big world, although, as long as I have breath I pray that I
do my part.


October 18, 2012 - 9:37 pm

Jenay - He delights in relationship. He has something for each of us to do…and He loves the time we spend with Him to find out what He has called us to..and then He will provide for whatever it is…whether its money or patience or whatever is needed to DO what He has called us to do.

October 19, 2012 - 1:44 am

Tawnya - I like this post esh. We all have different gifts and callings. Isn’t it great we are not all the same:) I love my sisters. Thankful we all love the Lord and seek his will. If it is in Africa, in Washington or Texas. He has a plan for us all!

October 19, 2012 - 2:27 am

Brandee Shafer - Interesting how, no matter how long we live, it’s always tempting to compare ourselves to others. We should try not to do that to ourselves! You, my friend, have the gift of encouragement, and that goes a long way. Just keep listening to that still, small voice. xoxo

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