happiness is…..

My BFF Beth did a post on LPM blog about what happiness was to her, happiness to me is:

~happiness is going to bed knowing all chicks are in their bed too

~happiness is getting up real early in the morning to a quiet house

~happiness is when your house is all clean at once (not often)

~happiness is ice tea and fries

~happiness is seeing the sun

~happiness is a good run

~happiness is cheering my boys on at their sport

~happiness is a good book

~happiness is a hug from one of my boys

~happiness is a good fitting pair of jeans

~happiness is feeding horses in the snow

~happiness is being with my sisters and parents

~happiness is making someone feel good when in my chair

~happiness is being in the kitchen creating something good to eat

~happiness is serving food to people

~happiness is the scent of vanilla

~happiness is praying with a friend

~happiness is being with a friend

~happiness is listening to my boys pray

~happiness is licking Corvan’s hairy back

~happiness is working side by side with my boys

~happiness is taking pictures with my camera

~happiness is a smile from someone you love for no good reason

~happiness is my eye cream

~happiness is going on a date with husband

~happiness is being  healthy

~happiness is the scent of a new born baby

~happiness is Jesus loves me this I know


December 5, 2012 - 8:25 pm

Mary - Marlece, I’m so glad you stopped by today so I could find you! I’ve enjoyed looking over your site and feel that I now know you and your family a little. I’m a mom of sons too… and love it! Mine are now grown, but I’ve spent a lot of time shooting, oohing and aawing over caught bugs, and been to more athletic events than any one mom should ever attend.
I’m copying a couple of your recipes… they look delicious! Blessings to you!

December 6, 2012 - 6:25 pm

From Tracie - These are beautiful happinesses. I love the way that when you focus on happiness, it brings a blessing to those around you – even your point of feeding horses in the snow (which is something I’ve never done) made me smile.

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