why the tears?

What makes you cry right now? Right now it seems I’ve been crying about things that seem so over the top big that I have no control over except to pray. I know that this is right where we should be right? Prayer is where it is at anyway. He is the only one who is REALLY going to make the difference.

Last night I was headed to Rite-Aide to get Corvan some antibiotics for a sinus infection he has. I just hate seeing my babe not feeling well first of all and then I’m listening to the news of all the new happenings since the election and the law changes that have taken place and people taking advantage of them. From gay marriage to marijuana legalized to selling hard liquor in the stores, to abortion on the rise because of the convenience and support in doing it. The statistics here in Thurston County astounded me in the risen theft charges over stealing liquor and the risen amount of teens getting a hold of this, all of this made me want to vomit, I cried instead.

 I thought, if we don’t keep our chicks close to us and teach them the way to true living then they are going to get sucked in! It is so easy to do the ‘wrong thing’. It’s right there in all of our faces at all times now. What made me cry was just telling Jesus that I was so sorry that we are sinners and it seems we are just getting deeper and deeper in, it’s so accepted by worldly standards. Jesus forgives when we ask Him to yet I picture Him shaking his head in love with tears rolling down His face.

  I pray each day that my kids would meet Jesus in their day. I even tell them before they leave for school or close their eyes at night, “remember who loves you more than me?” and then I tell them if they need someone they know who they can go to. Their answer is “Jesus”. He is the answer, and I’m so glad that we have a Lord who brought our Savior to us
as a babe so that He may live among us and show us His ways.


December 11, 2012 - 6:42 pm

Alecia - Amen. I often feel the same way, and it’s one of the reasons I often don’t watch the news, I get overwhelmed with everything that seems to be going wrong with the world, that I want to focus on what is right.

December 12, 2012 - 11:41 pm

Jenay - Amen. I feel helpless so often. You Are right….prayer is where it’s at.

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