Tis the season….

My goodness, lots of sickies in my house. Trying my best to hold it together myself. It’s hard to get rest for your own body when babes are in need. Have had kids home all week, one and then another, and today two.

A little story….got a call from Miss Skultety (Jordan’s teacher) right after school telling me that Jordan was not himself more and more as the day went on. She asked him at the end of the day if he was alright and he burst into a pile of tears, alligator tears, he said, “I’M JUST SO TIRED!” She asked him if he wanted me to come pick him up and he said no that he could with stand the bus ride home. Next door neighbor Rhee held his hand and kept him close on the bus, she got off with him. He came in the house to sit on my lap for half an hour and took his temperature and it was way up there.

 Still in my bed this morning. He is such a trooper, going thru the whole day not feeling well and when asked fell apart. I am alot like this, keep enduring, keep enduring until you get the chance to let the flood gates open.

Brayden had his last meet last night. Finished his season with eight wins and two loses. It was a great year, so proud of him.

This was a tough match here!

holding on for dear life!!

In the salon today while two sickies lay in my bed. In between I come in to check on them…..

Still haven’t talked to Sis who came back from Uganda, missed her, miss her.


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