tradition and Christmas

Christmas 2012, it’s pretty much all about tradition isn’t it? My kids count on this.

Getting a Christmas tree on the way home from spending Thanksgiving weekend with the family, to getting all the decorations out, to decorating the tree, to making goodies, buying gifts for the less fortunate, to buying a gift for this Momma while she goes to roam a bit while Brayden is in charge of kids as they shop, to grocery shopping for the clam chowder, whiskey cream meatballs (a new one and a hit), artichoke bites, jello dessert, fruit pizza, stuffed mushrooms, yummy bread, fresca drinks, etc., to look forward to Cougar Gold delivered via UPS man~ from my dear friend Amy who always thinks of me (tradition now Miss Amy), to a knock on the door from Leanne with her famous cinnamon rolls (tradition too I hope~ha!) to wrapping, to cooking ALL day, to getting those boys looking sharp, to candle light service (favorite on the list), to coming home and preparing home and making table super long for Bona, cousins, aunts, uncles, friends (22 this year) so we may gather around and thank the Lord for sending His son to live with us,to eating, to candles on the cake so that we may sing happy birthday to Jesus, to sending all to bed in anticipation of Santa coming in the morning, to sleepy little heads getting up (me first and then always Corvan close behind), to opening presents one by one so that we may all see, to cleaning those horse stalls (they still poop on Christmas), to eating a yummy breakfast together of Cinnamon rolls with a little protein as in eggs, to never relaxing like this unless it is this day, to going to Bona’s for the evening of more gift exchange from the family members and a yummy dinner at Bona’s (she works so hard)

Big smile, isn’t this cute?

Brayden trying his ski goggles out

Isn’t it appropriate that we think about Jordan’s head with a new bike helmet.

Layton slips his new work boots on for a try (gotta get this boy prepared for lineman work, even a steal toe)

Momma trying out her new slippers, I LOVE them!


Praise the Lord for all that he provides from love to things to hope for more of it all  in the coming year.

This year we got to enjoy Amanda and Chad coming home, yahhhhh, and had the pleasure of having Chad’s family here with us for Christmas Eve dinner, a fabulous evening.

All in all, I have done a lot of reflecting and realizing some don’t care for tradition but this family counts on it. I love that they feel secure in KNOWING what to expect next and anticipate it too. I know things change from year to year, kids getting older, life changes throughout the year, but tradition is just that, tradition.


December 27, 2012 - 6:08 am

Shauna - Merry Christmas Sis. How did Layo like his boots? And my fav gift here?? The helmet indeed! Gotta give that boy all the protection we can ;). I like traditions too….. nearly broke my neck trying to pull some off with a major winter storm, 2 weeks of the flu… some traditions didn’t make it but I agree they are a sweet part, not a must but a sweet. XO

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