Right when you think you have a hold on something the Lord just keeps bringing up, are you like me, and BOOM that is when He feels the need to once again, ‘show me the way and the truth.” I’ve come to a point of feeling that I really understand ‘judgement’ on another person and how that could potentially keep a person I was judging out of the kingdom if I was showing myself to be this self righteous judge.

I have said it a hundred million times, “Thank God that He is the judge and my job is to love.” However, sometimes it is easier to pass judgement than it is to love the unlovely. I catch myself, let’s say, at a sports event with my kids and even though I see these people day in and day out for a couple
of months  and by just walking by without any gesture to them of knowledge they are standing there it may look as if I’m passing judgement upon them. Or, going thru the drive thru window for my ice tea and have done it so many times yet don’t even say thank you anymore because it has become routine. Someone could look at this and see it as passing judgment upon them.

I was just in a situation where I knew what I said looked as if I was placing judgment upon a person and it really hurt their feelings. I didn’t mean it like it came out yet there it was and there was no taking it back.  I instantly went to the Lord to ask for forgiveness and knew I was to also ask the people I hurt for forgiveness. I wrote a letter and kept tweaking it this way or that way, loosing sleep over it, maybe a call, but would I stumble all over myself? Crying out to the Lord to give me some peace.

This is when the Lord intervened and a divine appointment of seeing this person and giving me the opportunity to fully say, “I’m sorry”.

Even when I have felt hurt by these same people I knew because of who I am in Christ that I was to lay that down and do the right thing. By doing this I pray that maybe they don’t just see ‘religion or judgement’,  but a genuine person who cares about them.

Maybe, just maybe a little of Jesus shined thru and they got a glimpse of  ‘God’s forgiveness’.


January 11, 2013 - 2:24 am

Brandee Shafer - Man, I hate saying sorry, but the Lord will sure enough bug the snot of of a person until she says it. I’ve learned it’s best to just get it over with. Love you, Marlece.

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