cherished moments that come back to me….

There are some conversations that I have just cherished when someone is sitting in my chair. They hit deeply many times….

I woke up this morning thinking about some of these people today. Kind of weird because they are all now gone, they all emparted a little more wisdom of theirs into my life and many times they just brought a smile to my face.

  Mrs. Southwell, she was my first client in my chair. Gorgeous, white glistening, thick, head of hair. She had gotten her hair done, in a chair since she was just 30 years of age. She had it washed and set once a week,  with a perm every three months, like clock work. I got to be apart of that in her latter days. There are a couple of the things that she told me that I remember often with a smile. I remember I had a picture sitting there in the corner of my salon for a long while. She asked why I didn’t hang that up and I told her I needed Jim’s help putting it up. She said, “OH phewy, men are worthless, if you want anything done you just gotta do it yourself!” I laughed, but never really took that as advice more of a caution of NOT what to do. She also told me a story after knowing that I disappeared into the house while she sat under the dryer so that I could nurse my baby. She said, “Nope, never got the chance to do that nursing thing, I got milk fever and the milk all fell right down into my ankles and they swelled up something awful!” Ok, I snickered a bit on this one too. I finally let her go after fixing her hair for MANY years and did her hair for her 89th birthday. She was feeling the need to be with friends at a salon where they all gathered together. I got that….I still run by her house and wave at her. She is now 101 years of age.I grew to love her.

Ms B….This woman I only got to do her hair a few times but really wished I got the opportunity to have done it more often. She was a beautiful elderly woman. Elegant, even in the way she walked, a natural beauty. She told me that she fell in love when she was 18 years of age. She fell in love with a man behind the camera as she explained it to me. She was a model, but come to find out not just any model. She was a model for Playboy way back when. She said the pictures back then were not as they are now, they were tasteful. She married that man and he died a few years later and she was left with a broken heart. I BEGGED her to bring in one of the magazines she was in. She got BIG eyes and held her hands up to her mouth and said, “OH MY DEAR, I had to hide them many years ago because my family was so ashamed that I had done that.” But she was also EXTREMELY excited to share that with me. I think she had kept it in for so many years because everyone else passed judgement upon her. I did get to see one of the pictures. She was actually the centerfold, it was absolutely breath taking. She died just a couple of months after that. I felt I didn’t get enough of her.

Mr. Stine, this man, he lived ALOT of life. He had been all over the world. He lived in Washington DC for many years under the Reagan administration. He was a go getter. He moved here to be near his son and JUST LIKE THAT became the president of the Elk’s Club. He was a real gentleman.

Then, also, my last encounter with my grandma. I went to go visit her and to fix her ‘piglet’ as she called it (her wig). I started in and she had hair around the edges that I took the curling iron to but then I also took the iron to her ‘piglet’. It’s synthetic, um, I forgot, too late….it melted right there, no turning back. It was right in the front too. She put her hand over her mouth, big eyes, and gasped right along with me. SO, I worked on turning the ‘piglet’ around so it was in the back not quite so noticeable. We got into one of our laughing fits like we use to. We knew that I was dead meat when my mom discovered this and we were like two naughty children who was trying to cover up a no,no. It was one of the best moments….the Lord gave that to me, and it was good.

I’m not sure why the Lord had me reflecting on these things this morning, but it was nice, it was fun….maybe to realize, our life does matter, where we have been and the conclusions that we have drawn because of it, is unique to each one of us. I pray that as I go thru life and changes come my way, life that I live, will touch others as I live it out. Just as these people did for me.


March 13, 2013 - 10:07 pm

Jenay - You have made a huge impact for MANY on this earth and you will continue. Christ lives in you and He will not go unnoticed.

Love ya!!!

March 14, 2013 - 4:25 am

Carl Samuels - You are such a great momma!!! Miss you lots!!!


March 14, 2013 - 10:34 am

Karen and Gerard - Nice memories! Yea for the woman who is 101!

March 14, 2013 - 12:41 pm

Optimistic Existentialist - What a beautiful retrospective my friend.

March 16, 2013 - 3:49 pm

Jody Lee Collins - Marlece, our lives DO matter….I like that. Even in the simplest things. These were great memories; thanks for sharing.

March 18, 2013 - 4:09 pm

Optimistic Existentialist - I hope you had a great St. Patrick’s Day!

March 19, 2013 - 1:40 am

Annmarie Pipa - seems everyones lives would make a great novel! and we can all learn something from each other!

March 19, 2013 - 4:45 am

JJ Pritchett - Marlece,
I love how I feel when I read your blog. It’s like you are sitting next to me! Your writing carries your signature personality.
Thought of you today when more than one person commented about how they could hear me screaming at Conner’s middle school basketball game. I even snuck in an apology, just like you did when you screamed at the wrestling tournament. We passionate moms need to stick together.

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