week spent with Sister and chicks.

A week spent with Sister Tawyna and her chicks. She is from Texas so we rarely get to see their faces. We had fun just doing life together. I do regret not getting the camera out just a bit more. After the week of nonstop picture taking I guess I was burnt out. No excuse, I wish I would have.

 Some of my favorite things:

 Just hangin’

 Singing with the girls.  Myla and Jena were belting out, “This girl is on fire!” with Alicia Keys. Dancin’? We were moving…..

 Kissing Levi’s belly. I’d start licking my lips and he would pull his shirt up for me to attack his belly button with my lips.

 We went on a hike together


Watching Kysa with  my boys. We sure do love this sweet thing. She is just easy and always has such a pleasant attitude.

The kids interacting, here they caught a baby crab and Levi was sooooooo excited!

Rain, yes we endured the rain…..

And, sisterly love, when you have a sister you know that you can just ‘be’. No show, it’s easy, if your kids act up then you know your’e not being judged, you know they love your kids like you do and I love them like they are my own, all because we are sisters.

It was time well spent, I loved it!

 I think the very end when I said good bye it was the highlight for me…… (I was headed to a function at the school) I had said my goodbyes, we sang with Alicia, I kissed Levi’s belly button, gave Kysa and sister a hug and as I was pulling out Kysa came running out, I rolled down my window and she came out just to give me one last big huge hug and kiss. It made me tear up. It was the sweetest gesture. She just made my heart swell right out of my chest.


June 15, 2013 - 6:07 am

Shauna - Awww! That was sweet of Kys!

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