We got to sister’s in the afternoon and out the door we went for a little water skiing!

My hot dog skier, Brayden, showing his moves!

He loves flying in the air on anything or nothing!

Luke and Corvan jumping out for a swim.

Tell me, is this the cutest thing ever? Corv is attempting the skies and that first getting out of the water, so vulnerable, dang, I just love this!

He’s up! Is this concentration or “I’m going to kill Uncle Charlie when I get off of these things!” not sure?

My studly nephew!

Always so happy to be with Cousin Chars, they do love each other!

Nephew Luke showing his amazingness out there on that water, “GO OOOOOKKKKKK!”

Jordan, I love you!

After Luke showed Corvan ‘how it was done’ Corv wasn’t on this thing but just for a second doing the same thing. Around and around he goes!

Thanks Charlie for always showing us a good time on that boat. I’m sorry you were at the wheel the whole time so you couldn’t show us how you still got it in you to be such a stud out on that water!

To be continued…….wait to see what Marlece can do after all of these years! I know you are just standing in anticipation to find out!


August 3, 2013 - 1:45 am

Brandee Shafer - Fun! Great photos! How is Layton’s gf?

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