what a month!

This month has been crazy! I am back to being an overtime taxi driver, how do you be a taxi driver and do it over time? It’s called football with three kids and one with doubles. It’s all been good, getting back into organizing my time a little better.

 We went to Layton’s open house to his linemen school. Jim and I are so thrilled for him to be apart of this program. We feel over the top blessed to have him here. It was a fun day. Layton and I drove a couple of hours to meet Jim at his work so that we could go together. We toured the school, and listened to the expectations of Layton as a student. Then Layton and I got some good time in together and even ended the day on going out to dinner together when we got home. Fun day and it blessed
my heart!

We went on one last camping trip and took Brayden’s best buddy Soren. We had a great time of just relaxing.

stopped here to have some lunch………

This is two just waiting at all times for the next adventure together.

Soren likes his sleep, he slept in while the other boys were making a shelter of protection over him. When he woke up this is what he encountered. Sneaky little brats, ha!

We ended the month with a very sick horsey. Today she is acting like her ‘ole self. Maybe it was the break down to the Lord last night. “I can’t take it anymore, I’m not sleeping, she needs healed, PLEASE!!”

 Took her to the vet last Monday and she was treated for colic but as time went by I just wasn’t convinced that is all it was so I gave her antibiotics and she seems to be coming out of it.

I walked her more miles than I can count on my hands and at all hours. The first night we were out there walking around and around from 1am to 3 am. The second night same thing but only for an hour. Up and down the boys dirt bike hills and all over. Putting everyone on high alert, taking shifts to make sure she isn’t out there laying down and rolling, Checking out her poop, it has been a full time job!

 Brayden gave her  a shot yesterday. His first time giving a shot. I saw beads of sweat coming off of him. He finished with big eyes and big smile.

Here she is when she is all happy and wanting to eat with her best friend. He was worried about her. Hanging his head over the fence to get her attention while she was just fighting her tummy.

We also made a homemade feeder for the horses this week. We bought round bales this year and did not want to invest in an expensive feeder so Brayden came up with this and so far it has been AWESOME!

Here is Brayden showing the horses how it is done, hahaha! Goof ball!

Made many loaves of zucchini bread, ate alot and froze many.

Lots of hair in the salon these past couple of weeks, CRAZY! Everyone is getting ready for their ‘fall’ look. I have loved every minute. LOVED IT!

The boys had open house this week for school. Lots of prayer going into this year, feeling a little uneasy.

And to end this list of events for the month of August…..I got a call from my niece Amanda……..I knew it when I saw who was calling…….I am going to be an auntie again!!!!

Can’t wait to see a bump on this bod!


September 1, 2013 - 11:45 pm

Jenay - Wow!!! Love it all. Crazy stuff and crazy good. I’m as proud as I can be of Layton. Good job Brayden on the feeder. We need your inventive building abilities over here. 🙂

September 8, 2013 - 2:39 am

Brandee Shafer - Busy, busy. Glad the horse is ok!

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