What is the problem? Part 1

This post has been a long time coming. I think because it is so close it is hard to really talk about. You know when you say to yourself as a parent, “I know my kid” or “that just wouldn’t happen to mine”……..I learned many years ago that those words or thoughts are ones that Satan can sure use to your demise. When those statements float around in your head or you actually say them, or you judge someone with those words then you better watch out!

My nine year old at the time had a fabulous year of school, so I thought. At the end of the year he became ‘citizen of the year’ for the whole class of 4th graders. It was such an honor and he earned it and deserved it. He had a teacher that is probably one of the most gifted teachers out there today. He knew how to get thru to the kids and set the bar very high for the kids to meet. It taught me that when Corvan has a goal set before him he reaches to the top and goes as high as he can go.

In the very beginning of the year last year around October Corvan began doing many duties inside of the class room. His teacher gave the kids jobs in the classroom and if Corvan noticed that a kid wasn’t doing his duties he would just take it on to help him/her out. It kept Corvan very busy inside of the class room keeping everyone on track. He became so responsible and task oriented.

Fast forward to the end of the year, it was positive and good.

Summer came and once in a while I would mention to Corvan that maybe he should work in his summer packet for school. He would have a fit! The mention of school made him have attitude. His teacher had told him that it was a possibility that he would be moving to 5th grade and would love to have Corvan in his class once again. Corvan had PLANNED on this until we found out that his teacher was going to be moving to 6th rather than 5th. It was a game changer in Corvan’s head. He began to ask me to homeschool him (in which he is one of those kids that I thought I would never homeschool again, he did better in school) I couldn’t understand  what the anxiety was about. The closer school got the worse the anxiety got, to the point of taking him to the doctor because he had constant stomach aches. All thru the year we were fighting stomach aches and headaches. I tried to cut out gluten thinking maybe he was gluten intolerant or dairy might be the issue, there were times I’d keep him home thinking he was coming down with something. The closer school got the worse it got.

One day this summer I prayed to the Lord for some answers. Corvan would rather stick a pillow over his head than to deal with something that hurts. He would like to just ignore and hide. He has been this way since he was just super little. When he would get into trouble he would stick his whole head right down into the coach seats so to get away from it. I told him, that we were going to go for a drive together. I put him in the front seat with me and we went driving for a good hour. I told him I wasn’t going to stop and he wasn’t going to go anywhere until he told me what was wrong and why he didn’t want to go back to school .

And that is what he did!

I will continue this story, but for now, I am reminded again, to pray for my babes when they go out that door each day. To realize as a parent I don’t know everything that goes on inside of my kids head or life for that matter, and when things look to be so good maybe it’s not so, and we should always ask the Lord for His discerning spirit.


February 20, 2014 - 7:16 am

Brandee - Well, this is kind of embarrassing, but I had some catching up to do. I was thinking of you, this morning, and wondering why you hadn’t been blogging b/c I always read your posts when they hit my feed. Looks like I lost you on the feed w/ your blog redo (fixed that), so I must’ve been clicking over from facebook b/c I hadn’t read, here, since leaving facebook. Anyway, all caught up, now, and I’m glad you shared this story about Corvan b/c I’m sure there were parents who needed to read it. It’s so true that we have to keep our eyes open all the time b/c our kids are under crazy attack. Love you.

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