We know it is over, but it’s not for us!

I know the Super Bowl is over and Washington has been put on the map by our Seahawks, you would think  this state (or the 12th man is what we call it here) would go on as if it is another day. But, I’m just not seeing it. I think it’s on of those things that you can’t explain unless you have been there before. It’s nice to be (for the most part) on the same team. A girl friend said to me, “it just makes everyone nicer.” I’d have to agree with her. That 12th man thing? It makes everyone feel a little champion like.  It has been fun just seeing excitement in people. Layton was at physical therapy for his knee  yesterday while I  observed. The tv’s were on watching the parade to honor the players home and everyone young and old were giving their two cents of fanhood. (new word by Marlece) Corvan and Jordan wanted to wear their jerseys to school yesterday because at 12:12 they all got to go outside for one minute and hoot and holler.

I know I dream, but it would be so much fun if people got together, or gave one another a high five or thumbs up not even knowing each other because we all have the same love for Jesus. IT WOULD BE SO MUCH FUN!!!!

Anyway…..here is a little recap of our Super Bowl Sunday!

I got up and made LOTS of food, I think I could have fed the team~ha! I had posted on facebook that I woke up praying for the players. I know it sounds kind of silly. I was feeling a little maternal towards the players. Worried about their sleep, their eating, their wives and mothers. Super glad to see Russel Wilson went to church that morning. I was exhausted like I couldn’t get it off my mind. I was even teary. But then I spoke to so many other friends and they were feeling just like me. I think maybe the Lord sent us on this trail, they needed our prayers!


THE FOOD! The boys got up to decorate the football shaped sugar cookies



sweet and sour chicken wings! SO YUMMY!


Gotta have the good ‘ole staple of mac and cheese! Oh and then TOUCH DOWN taco dip, so stinkin’ good! Oh and I made Pioneer woman’s artichoke dip, I thought I almost died with each bite!


Football deviled eggs, they were good but didn’t look so much like footballs. ha! Did you notice there were already fingers in it? I can’t even get a picture before they have their nasty little fingers into it!


and…..an apple pie, just because.


This is constantly what the boys were doing after each play, constant tackling moves, or was it wrestling moves? Either way, this is the position they held throughout the game!


All the boys had friends over, it was a party!







February 20, 2014 - 7:09 am

Brandee - Yum! Jim usually cooks up a bunch of stuff for Super Bowl, but he was out of his environment, this year, b/c we were at my parents’. My dad did watch the game w/ him, though – so sweet – we could hardly believe it.

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