spring has sprung!

Lots of tree trimming, burning, leaf picking up, chicken coop cleaning (bluck, as in yuck), barn cleaning, first lawn mowing (oh got a new used lawn mower from a friend Jim helped move and she didn’t need it anymore, when she asked if Jim would want it he hesitated and called me, “WHAT? Seriously, Jim Lasher, what are you thinking, I have 3 wheels that work on my other one, it is so loud the neighbors have to go into their house when I start the darn thing up, it takes a big long stick to turn it off, I have to pound out the sides so it doesn’t hit the blade, the blade is flat so cuts some grass but not others,  the thing is mangled and you ask what I think). According to me this was a gift from God and a miracle! I was dreading get the old one out and so was the neighbor.

I got a 12 mile run in today. At the peak of my training for the half coming up and having a hard time getting motivated this time. Gonna stick to it, yes I am.

Then to top the day off Ruby got her self a spa day. Jim comes out with my most expensive shampoo that I have and a cooler full of warm water. I began freaking out because of the shampoo, my shampoo, expensive shampoo on my DOG? I thought Jim would say, “Oh yah, ok, go get the dish soap” Um, no, he says, ” We are using only the best today for the best!” Ok, ok, I started laughing and let it go. It was a family affair to get her cleaned up.

Beautiful spring day, Spring is in the air……

She’s happy I assure you, just soaking…..


oh, that feels good, she is happy.



good day!

April 8, 2014 - 1:38 pm

Jenay - oh Ruby!!! You are a lucky girl. lol. I love hearing that you have a new lawn mower. YIPPEE!!!! That is a gift to everyone, for sure.

April 18, 2014 - 7:41 pm

Jody Lee Collins - Marlece, your girl dog is one spoiled girl (and you work too hard!) Have a blessed Easter–we will connect soon, promise!

April 21, 2014 - 9:42 am

Cooking Up Faith - Wow! GO girl! Keep it up. You’re so inspiring. 🙂

You’re dog is adorable. We just got a new puppy. I’ll have to try giving her a bath in an ice chest too. 🙂
Cooking Up Faith

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