double digit 1!

When my grandma turned 88 she would say, “I’m a double digit 8”. Well, I have a double digit 1 in the house now.

I go thru these stages, I always love my kids but there are times where I am just head over heals for them and this is that time for Corvan right now. He is so passionate, always thinking, questioning, working hard, wants to just spend time with me. I take full advantage of that. He’s fun, and it’s fun!

He knew just what he wanted for his birthday so we pretty much accommodated for the most part.

We started out at Trampoline Nation with brother and best buddies.

Corvan doing flip over flip


Corvan’s friend Kolten, he is a major tennis player, giving me a ‘shot’ in the air.




Tristan, friends since babies. Quite the gymnast.  Corvan and Tristan were drenched when they were finished!


Jordan, on his head again, maybe I should have brought him a helmet?



We came home to eat pizza and Corvan’s pick ‘fried ice cream’  cake!


They spent the night in the play house.


Of course there was the spanking tunnel


Family dinner and being sung to, do you love this smile?


Jim was at work, I was with the boys. Dang this makes me happy!


Gave Corv many clues, and this is what he found after a good long hike. He was happy! A pellet gun.


Then to top it all off we had ‘oreo cake’!


Happy birthday my 11 year old darling.

April 28, 2014 - 10:11 am

Jenay - Happy Birthday Corv!!! I am so in love with this kid too. He is getting so big, and changing so fast. It looks like he had a fabulous birthday!!!! Give him a big ‘ole kiss right on the back of the neck for Auntie Nay!

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