Capitol City Marathon

Started the evening last night with a meal straight from the lake thanks to my boys. Trout, it was so good with a bunch of fresh veggies and rice. This looks like a meal to have before a race doesn’t it?


This is so cute, so when Jordan and I went to get my packet for the race this evening Jordan noticed that there were kids with numbers on their shirts. We asked, and what do you know in just 30 minutes a 1 mile race was going on for kids. Jordan wanted to do it no questions asked he had his shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes on and he was READY!


Then off he went! He placed 9th out of 137 kids. He did great! There was a boy who didn’t like competing so close to Jordan and he was literally elbowing Jordan off the path. Do you think Jordan put up with this? He elbowed him right back and then let him go. Jordan said he wasn’t worth it~ha!


Jim dropped me off at the race at 7 and off and running at 7:30! Believe it or not this is the worst part of the race for me. I feel so intimidated by all standing there waiting for the big horn to go off. Seriously, this part makes me breath heavy just do to the anxiety of watching everyone, so by the time I have started I’m already all wound up and in a crank.

This sweet baby girl, Joy, was standing there with her Momma waiting for me!  Isn’t this just the sweetest ever? Her Momma is a former marathoner lots of times over, she knows this drill way more than I will ever know it.


Honest to goodness, again, Jim and the boys just pulled it off so beautifully for me. They chased me around the whole race with the van stopping in several spots to cheer me on along the way. The first time seeing them out there I got a big lump in my throat with tears in my eyes.  I know it sound silly. I told myself, stop it, you can’t have energy taken because of trying to hold back tears! So, I bucked up after that and was just happy to see them each time.



It was a gorgeous morning, the Lord heard me when I saw that it was suppose to be 80 percent chance of rain, I asked that the 20 percent be in the morning and this is precisely what happened!


It wasn’t my best time but it was still good and I enjoyed every minute of it.

These girls are iron women doing this as a training tool. Linda, she is a hero of mine!


Grateful for a moment such as this.





May 19, 2014 - 7:52 am

Jenay - Loved the pictures. You look amazing. Its awesome that your boys got to cheer you on…its their turn to do the cheering. Love you!!!

May 19, 2014 - 8:26 am

Brandee - You’re a machine. A beautiful machine. And go Jordan! #7 whaaaaat? Whoop whoop!

May 19, 2014 - 9:28 am

Aunty Dolly - Way to go girl! Keep running! Love the pictures!

May 22, 2014 - 6:18 pm

mountain mama - way to go!!!!! 🙂

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