sweet, sweet….

Jordan’s best buddy at school, in his same 2nd grade classroom, they have fun together. The only thing is, whenever they celebrate a birthday in a class or a holiday of some sort he has to go sit out in the pod and read because he isn’t allowed to participate. It bothers Jordan, knowing he is sitting in the classroom with a big piece of cake and his friend is not.

A couple of weeks ago Jordan came home with a sticky note with a web address on it that his buddy told him to look up and read. Jordan came right over to the computer to find out who the Jehovah Witnesses were.

We had a big long talk and then he wanted to give him a sticky note back. It said, John 3:16. He told him to look that up on the computer.

SO, this now has been a couple of weeks and we were headed to Jordan’s 2nd grade evening picnic. Jordan mentioned that his buddy wouldn’t be there for the fun. I said, “awe that is too bad Jor, I’m sorry.” He told me he knew why but that it was a secret. I let it go but Corvan could NOT! So, it ended up that Jordan made Corvan to NEVER tell another soul the secret to why his buddy was not able to go this night. He did not want to break his buddy’s confidence in him.

He told Corvan, with big tears that his buddy was scared because he was getting confirmed tonight as a Jehovah Witness and he had a four minute speech to say in front of lots of people. (He asked me then, what is ‘confirm’)

I asked Jordan why this made him sad? He said that he didn’t like that his friend was scared and that he wouldn’t be there to play with him at the picnic.

I asked him if he wanted to pray for his friend, his answer with a big fat YES!

He said, “Jesus, please be with ____________ tonight so that he isn’t scared. Please show him the truth of who you are and be his friend. Amen”

I thought that was perfect, don’t you?

We  can begin witnessing at any age, Jordan has it down already, he talks to him as an equal, loves him like a friend, and PRAYS for him.

Jesus, He’s incharge of the rest and Jordan trusts this.


May 27, 2014 - 8:53 pm

Brandee - You’re a great mama to look at their friendship from this angle and to have faith in Jordan’s witness. So many parents (and grown-ups in general) operate out of fear: what if so-and-so has a negative influence upon my child…or me? Love is bigger. Jesus is bigger, and He was happy to sit with folks who were different than He. I’m so glad we’re friends. love, love, love

May 27, 2014 - 8:56 pm

Jenay - This is so sweet and perfect. We can all learn from Jordan.

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