School is over, oysters, and I’m an aunt AGAIN!

What has been happening around here? We have been doing a little of this and that so here goes…..

Layton turned 19 years old. Really proud of him, he’s growing up and I am enjoying him so much.


The boys have been whirling around on their dirt bikes. Layton hasn’t rode for a good long time and I think it was putting a smile on his face for sure.


All of them, look at Jordan, you can’t see his smile but you see it in his eyes. He was so happy!


Mike came over for the night and brought to us fresh oysters. Ok, in the beginning not a fan, but Mike cooked them up for me, charred them basically, dipped it in butter and ok, I think I am a fan. The kids ate them faster than he could get them off of the fire.



and then…..this is a picture of the boys coming out of the play house the last day of school. They have been sleeping in here almost every night since beginning of April. I love it, this makes Jim smile that the play house that he built 19 years ago for Layton is still getting ALOT of use.


Um, this did not make him happy first thing in the morning. Can’t catch a break at any time with a mother such as this! I was so excited though, it is the LAST DAY OF SCHOOL!


AND, then we have a new baby Bowen. Meet Shawnie Grace, she is beautiful. So happy for Lashae, Chaney, and sister Maubry. I love being an auntie!


Is she a fatty fatty two by four already or what? So sweet!

June 13, 2014 - 9:16 am

Jenay - Happy boys. Happy Mama. Happy auntie. HAPPY. HAPPY HAPPY. 🙂 LOVE IT ALL love ya’ll.

June 13, 2014 - 1:49 pm

Brandee - With you on the oysters. I’ll eat them long as they’re cooked. Really like them fried.

You’re the coolest mom ever to let the boys sleep in the play house on all their school nights!

Cute, cute baby. Chubby babies are cutest.

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