I know, I know, seriously, I KNOW!

These boys! I know other mom’s of all boys that may have bumps and scrapes here and there, and to be expected right? Yah, well, I feel like I have gone into the closet and not told a soul these past few months because, frankly, either nobody will believe me, or they think, we are NUTSO! But lately, I have had to totally face it because this is really where all our ‘extra’ funds go to right now. DOCTOR BILLS! I was trying to explain to the billing lady at the hospital (when she is wanting more money than what they are getting from me) that I send 4 different billings with payments in them every month! She will mention one kid, then I will mention the other 3! When she is looking at one payment I have sent in I am looking at all FOUR! She had the nerve to tell me that if it isn’t an emergency then maybe I shouldn’t come to the emergency room! I ALMOST came thru the phone! So, I with the big lump in my throat trying to hold back the tears, I said, they have ALL been emergencies! I HATE the emergency room!  I HATE GERMS! I told her that the kind of emergencies that I come in with aren’t ones that they say, “Oh go have a seat and we will get to you in an hour or two” mine are the kind that bypasses all sitting there! IT’S AN EMERGENCY! We’ve been in for head trauma’s, for a toe that was almost ripped off, on and on it goes!!!!!!!!!

Ok, all of that to say…..also, the Lord is so good to us too. It could be way worse than it is this I know! So, coming out of the closet on some of the mishaps these past couple of months. Yes, just the past couple of months…..

Layton started it off with dislocating his knee when helping his friend’s father with clearing land. Layton said he just jumped off of a log and BOOM his knee went out of the joint. They drove Layton’s truck that Layton was in, to the house, and I took over from there by driving him to the ER. He was in EXCRUCIATING pain all the way there! When we got to the emergency room I drove to the front and told them I needed help getting Layton out of the truck, they brought him a wheel chair. I said, “um, no, he needs a gurney and 6 guys to get him out! And that is what they did, from the janitor to the nurses to the docs they all lifted him out and onto the gurney. Layton is paranoid of ANY drugs so he wouldn’t take anything for the pain. So the doc told him, ok we’ll do it cold turkey then, he would count to 3 and set it back into place. I told Layton to hold my hand and the doctor told us that that was not a good idea he might break my hand. The nurse gave him a wash cloth to clamp down on. OH MY LORD! 1…..2……3…..BOOM, he set it just like that, Layton felt HUGE relief and 20 minutes later we were walking out of the emergency room.

Brayden, he loves the extreme sports! If he doesn’t go big he doesn’t go at all! But, sometimes it is good to have friends in high places! He was at a friends house that live on a lake. They were on their dock jumping into the water and he got his toes caught between the plastic and the dock when jumping and split his toes open! Well, fortunately, his friends dad was a ‘foot doctor,’ got him out of the water, checked him out and stitched him up right then and there. Sorry, I know, so gross! NEOPSPORIN, lots of NEOSPORIN!


Ok, but that is not the end of this story……so three weeks later, he’s all healed up and back to ‘normal’ and he is moving a big piece of steel, drops it right on his BIG TOE, the one that just got healed up! You could actually see the blood pooling up underneath his toe. He was in so much agony that if I even put a bag of frozen peas on top of it to keep swelling down he would go thru the roof! So after a couple of hours of him in so much pain from the preassure of that blood underneath his toe, I had remembered something from my childhood. I am not sure what sister it was but mom and I took her in because her thumb got smashed and they drilled a hole in the top of the nail bed to get the blood out and it relieved the pressure. So, I told Brayden this……….it took him half a second to yell at Corvan to go get the drill and smallest bit he could find. Corv did, I asked Brayden if he wanted me to do it he said NO, and proceeded to drill a hole in the top of his toe nail, the blood started spurting out and Brayden had instant relief! All better again, ugh! NEOSPORIN!

Oh back to Layton, he was at a friends house, his friend started to mow his lawn while Layton sat in a chair waiting for him to finish when a big rock cut loose from mower and hit Layton right in the eye! As the story was told to me, he fell to the ground from the impact, got up and started yelling to Curtis, “MY EYE,MY EYE!!!!” Curtis took a look at it, told him oh yes, I can solve this, laid him flat out onto a table, went and got all the items to numb and stitch Layton right up. There was a gash right on the inside of the eye area by the nose big enough for four stitches. Curtis is in the special forces and this is one of his ‘tools’ for……I guess a moment such as this! Layton came home ALL excited that his issue was solved with a little home care from Curtis himself! Oh Lord, I told him if he was a girl I’d be so mad because of the scar that was going to be on his face. We have been neosporining it ALOT! This is him at work these days………

layton working

Oh, then there is Jordan……..I was in doing hair with my friend Leah, who happens to be a dental assistant. The Lord always seems to put people right where they need to be at the right time. Jordan comes flying into the salon dirt from head to toe but his face, oh his face………he was jumping bikes with the boys in the field and did a face plant. Leah checked teeth, jaw, the big things, all was good (thank you Jesus he always wears his helmet) but it looked nasty, a little road rash. My friend said, “A LITTLE ROAD RASH?” NEOPORIN is our friend!


Oh, and then we did a little hiking when Corvan got stung right underneath the eyeball. It swelled up to where he could not see. This picture is a couple of days after the bee sting happened. Brayden pulled stinger out with the tweezers (why did we have tweezers in the car? I do not know)  He also got stung on his leg twice, this was miner after the whole eye thing though. At this point you go for the thing that is the worse first, then deal with the rest.


Shall I go on? I could!

Anyway, as I said, we are all still healthy, and still going big with what we do. I’m grateful for the Lord’s protection and grateful for the use of Neosporin these days.



August 3, 2014 - 8:49 am

Shauna - Boys! Boys! Boys! Ugh! Thankful that everyone is healing up. You can rejoice in the fact that your boys are not sleepy/lazy that’s for sure ;).

August 3, 2014 - 10:02 am

Brandee Shafer - First of all, just let me say: they are such DEVASTATINGLY handsome boys. The under-eye scar is going to add to Layton’s appeal. You’re right: happy, happy that it’s a male injury, not a female injury. I was reading this thinking that they’re growing into REAL men. Men who know how to do things…work…play…handle fear…handle pain. I think you’re a great mom!!! I’m moreso the one who begs and pleads with Cade, especially, to be careful. He’s never had stitches, broken a bone, had a tooth knocked out: nothing. I don’t know if that’s something to be proud of, or not. He’s a Scout, but he’s definitely not living the life your son’s are. (He likes to curl up in his room and read.) I love you and will be praying for your families’ protection. I ave definitely felt your prayers the last few days. How blessed I am that God has knit our hearts together over the Net and the miles. Your friendship has filled a void in my life. I am thankful.

August 3, 2014 - 2:08 pm

Janice C. Johnson - Ah, the stitches-and-Neosporin days! It’s wonderful, the way they bounce back and run outside for more. Blessings on you and the whole crew, sweet friend!

August 3, 2014 - 3:17 pm

Sharrell Bunger - Marlene, sorry for the boys pain and your agony, but I love this stuff, weird, huh? Think I shoulda been a Dr..haha. Glad they are all ok…but you might check for some gray hair..

August 3, 2014 - 3:30 pm

Ashley - Praying for healing! Sweet boys! My girls are rough and tough too- they get bruises and hurts all the time. Have a beautiful week sweet friend!

August 3, 2014 - 8:48 pm

Rachel Mboob - I just have to thank you for posting this. We have a rowdy crew in our house but this last few months I keep thinking what is wrong with us?…Why are my boys always getting hurt? You are an amazing mom & while I’m not glad that your sweet littles have incurred so many injuries this summer I feel a little like maybe I’m not the only one? I’ll say a prayer for your boys & your sweet mama heart. P.S. I would’ve come thru the phone too! We’re doing the same thing with ER bills at the moment. Seriously!

August 4, 2014 - 12:07 pm

Cheryl@OntheOldPath - Oh my, oh my, oh my, that is a lot, your poor Mama’s heart. Do you have any hair that has not turned grey yet, after all that??? Praying for safety for your boys.

August 5, 2014 - 8:14 pm

Jenay - I can hardly look at these pictures. You are a tough Mama. I hate seeing my nephews all beat up, but I’m so glad they are active healthy boys that are a bit on the crazy side. I’m glad God picked you for their Mama, you handle it well, and you let them play hard.

Now I have to go and say a prayer and ask God to put another million angels around each of them. 😉

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