I’m panicking, summer is coming to a close!

Summer is here, school is just around the corner. I’m holding on to what is now and  the happenings of the summer. So a  recap here…..and then, I’ll work on succumbing to the fall being on it’s way ok? So, let me have my moment!

Jordan and I did the 5K color run together. Well, kind of together, he smoked me and left me behind about 20 ft. into the race, but we had a blast.





We did alot of swimming in the lake near by……



Navigating the little fishing boat, Jordan and Ruby!


Hangin’ and enjoying watching my boys jump from a rope swing into the water.


Some days called for just hangin’ with a friend and doing nothing.


Brayden and my endurance ride.


An invite to play on a boat with friends……


Christian and Brayden brothers in the best of friends sense.


Brayden, giving us some more of his action. This kid, he has had a great summer. He has gone from Down Hill mountain biking in Whistler, Canada to water skiing, to hiking a mountain with Christian. They hiked in and made camp, went to the top of the mountain to see a view that was breath taking the next morning and seeing mountain goats below. One adventure after another, this is what this kid LOVES!


My dear friend, she is one of the best, I love you Tami!


We had a garage sale, my first and my last, I hated it, I made not a dime, I can’t sell anything. I pretty much gave it all away, I’m sticking to the Boys Ranch or Good Will from now on!



And this is taken before the boys went on a dirt bike ride with dad in the forest! They had a blast!



Corv, he also got to do some pretty special things this summer. He took a trip on an airplane to go see my niece with her new baby and spend a week. They did all kinds of fun stuff. He also LOVES riding his bike right now. Quite the little hot dog!


Well, that is a pretty good recap. I’m saving a couple for another post, but you are getting the jist. It has been a hot fun filled summer. Thank you Lord!


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