I’m two weeks late on this post. Two weeks late because I want to put my head under the covers and scream like a two year old and yell, “NOOOOOOOO!!!!!” Brayden turned 16.  He is so busy with his little life that we didn’t really do much celebrating. I took him to a burrito stand that he likes after football practice  and I watched him eat it in the car while  we watched the boys at their football practice. He didn’t even seem to care. This was today, and I still can’t look at the picture because  it brings back the word ‘independence’ . I don’t do well with this. First day of driving to school IMG_1710 16 things about this kid that I love……..

He loves Jesus and you see this by his actions

He doesn’t have favorites.

He likes the greatest to the least. He doesn’t pass judgement.

I will say something about someone and he just shrugs his shoulders or smiles at me

He loves extreme sports. He loves to mountain bike, ski of cliffs, water ski, hike, ride horses…….

He’s a hard worker

. He is super good with kids (my boys think he is the best thing EVER)

He’s genuine He holds a high moral standard

He’s a team player

He’s tall and handsome

He’s funny

He likes junk food (ugh)

He likes the finer things (I tell him he better get a job one day to match his taste)

He plays hard

He sleeps hard

He is a friend

Brayden is heavy into the football season. Last weekend he got an interception, Oh gosh, I asked him if it surprised him  as much as it did all of us in the stands. He said, “Ummm, YES!” He’s number 40 there on the end IMG_1550 IMG_1031 IMG_1174 IMG_1197 Happy birthday Brayden!

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