we are just smashing them right and left around here!

It’s coming to an end of our season, but oh what a season it has been. Enjoyed every stinkin’ second of every minute!


I love this picture of my 6 ft defensive outside line backer. (Oh I hope I got this right)


Look at this awesome SMASH!


This child, he is the quarter back, or as he would call it QB.  I have learned some things thru this season watching him in this role.

Being he is the youngest in this family he has not had the opportunity to shine where he does shine so big and that would be in a leadership role. He blew me away with how he encouraged, called out plays, made sure all players were where they needed to be. It was so impressive!

At times he switched with a player so that he may play receiver because when that quarter back threw him that ball he could CATCH it and run like the wind!


Um…..is he holding tight to stand on those feet? I would say YES!




Have no pictures of Corvan today, however, a little story…..Brayden’s defensive coach is a kindergarten teacher at the boy’s school. Coach Hicks stopped me today and told me what he witnessed at recess with Corvan. He said he was watching the boys play football and he saw Corvan intercept a ball and run……..he said he was blown away by it and looked at Corvan in the eye and told him, “This Coach, he can point out talent and that is what I saw today, you plan on playing for me in your future right?” This made Corvan feel big and put a huge smile on his face!

Just a few pictures for your day! Happy football, we are off to Jordan and Corvan’s last game. We got home late last night watching Brayden’s team kick some serious hinnie on our home turf. Great night and looking forward to more today!



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