Mary fighting her humanness

There is always something about Christmas that just doesn’t bring gifts. It also brings something new to my heart every year, this year is no different.

It’s usually trying to, as a mother, to relate to Mary. This year it seems it is no different. I am reading a book for advent that AGAIN has been like, OH MY GOSH, what a woman. No wonder God picked HER to be the mother of the SON of God. I have thought of so many scenarios with Mary caring for Jesus as an infant but not as much beyond that, until I read this book. I haven’t even finished it, yet so many things swimming around in my head. It starts off from the end of Mary’s life and then finishes with Jesus’ birth.


Just a couple of thoughts as I reflect on Jesus’ mom…….

Mary, even though she was appointed by God himself to carry His son she was still all human. She, so many times, had to put her ‘feelings’ aside and remember exactly who Jesus was and what He was here to do. For example, when Jesus ‘was lost’ and three days after searching high and low  for Him, when found in God’s temple, Mary in all her frantic self was reprimanded by her 12 year old son by telling her He was about His Father’s business. Wouldn’t that make you want to throttle Him ‘in all your humanness’ that is? Not being able to find your son for 3 days, not only is He (again) the Son of God but also her responsibility! But of course, she was reminded again of who He was and what He came here to do.

This one, it’s just so hard to fathom……..watching Jesus on the cross and the beating that He took. You know she was there for every second cuz that is what us mothers do, we are there for our kids. In all of her ‘humanness’ wouldn’t you want to act like a crazy woman, mother bear like, tear some eyeballs out kind of freak out watching this all knowing that this was Jesus the Son of God, HER son who has NEVER even sinned a day in his life, and HE is being put on the cross. Only the Holy Spirit got her thru that moment, and again the reminder of exactly why He was brought here to the earth and who He was, the Son of God. She would so have to be full of the Holy Spirit to get past her ‘humanness’.

I’m sure she had talks with herself, compartmentalizing it in her head. “I’m feeling this way____________, but this I know to be true………He is my Son, I gave birth to Him, yet He is the Son of God, God gave Him to me and to the rest of the world for a reason, I must succumb to it and put my feelings aside.” Constantly, this scenario around and around in her head.


Mary, putting all her feelings, her humanness in check at all times it would seem. I want to be more like this, yes I do.

He is the reason not only for the season but for every single thing 365 day of the year.


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