Bringing in the New year with thoughts on Christmas!

Running behind, running behind, this is what I do! But, I must get it in! Happy New Year to all!

Going allllll the way back to Christmas……….


Jordan chased me around as I was working to get Christmas list completed! Everywhere I went and everything I did this day this is what I encountered. He’s still my baby and I played along and dropped to the ground every time (even in my hurried state) He’s still my baby.


table is set!


Poppa still confident that his hands are bigger than Layton’s hands.


Ryker arrived and he’s ready to celebrate! This little man, oh how I cannot get enough!


Look who was feeling left out? Do you think she got her way and was invited in?


Mom, pretty mom! We had fun, we did the things we really enjoy doing together. We  went for a 6 mile walk on Christmas day, we did hair in the salon, we ate peanut butter divinity, and kolochkes, we took pictures………


Boys thought they were forgotten when there was no Christmas presents for them under the tree except a pair of socks each until they stepped outside…….


Some happy boys!


See how he has that bag with ‘jerky’ held under his arm? He doesn’t trust anyone……


Good morning boys, Christmas morning, don’t they look joyous?


Smiling because we are grateful for this time to celebrate with our family!


Ryker is wanting a piece of Jesus’s birthday cake! So dang cute, this is what the celebration is all about, Jesus coming to us in all human baby form, we celebrate Him!


January 1, 2015 - 9:00 am

Cheryl Barrett - Thanks for sharing my friend.

January 14, 2015 - 6:48 pm

Brandee Shafer - What are kolochkes? Love the photos of you and your mom, and you and your Jim are a smokin’ hot couple. LOVE the photo of Ryker and the cake. Your doggy looks like the one my parents had. Springer Spaniel? They were heartbroken when theirs passed. They have a Maltese, now. It’s cute but yippy and not completely reliable in terms of potty training. I prefer it to the SS, which was very possessive of my mom and ITS STUFF and worried me around the little kids (used to snap at them). I have a hard time with animals. It’s weird because I thought, as a little kid, that I was such an animal person. What I learned about myself, unfortunately, is that after I connect to an animal and lose it, it’s almost impossible for my heart to connect to another of its kind. So there’s been ONE horse, ONE dog, and ONE cat. I did get somewhat connected to a second cat, but it wasn’t the same. Did you see on facebook that we have a new dog? A beagle. I have high hopes that we’ll bond because her personality is like having back the ONE dog I’ve ever loved. Anyway. I need to call you. My heart is so stopped up. I haven’t had any desire to write. Just really struggling. Love, love you.

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